FoodGod Review: Actual Veggies’ Super Fries Are Super Good — And You Can Buy Them at Sprouts

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I was blown away by Actual Veggies' new Super Fries that I found at Sprouts. (Okay, let me be honest, that my assistant found at Sprouts.) 

With clean ingredients and insanely tasty flavors, their Super Fries — made with potatoes and added vegetables (like chickpea and cauliflower), 100% avocado oil, and way more protein than other fries — are a crispy cut above the rest. I promise, you’ll also get addicted!

What Is Actual Veggies?

Actual Veggies is the newish veggie burger company that makes the absolute best veggie burgers around. I stumbled across their black bean veggie burger at Delilah, and when I complimented the chef, they said the veggie burger was from the brand Actual Veggies … and you can get them at Sprouts!

Since then, I became a superfan and have boxes and boxes of all their veggie burgers in my freezer. Now, I actually look forward to my meatless Monday meal courtesy of Actual Veggies. My Monday dinners have gotten a whole lot better, thanks to these burgers and fries with allllll kinds of benefits.

Actual Veggies Fries To Try

It’s tough to pick a favorite Super Fries flavor — and I’ve tried all three many times — but let’s get the tea on what makes each one worth your time and money, honey.

Classic Potato

These fries are legit. They’re made with russet potatoes and boosted with chickpeas and cauliflower, which are rich sources of fiber and protein and also have a high nutrient density. Classic Potato — and all of Actual Veggies’ flavors, for that matter — are the first fries to hit the shelves that are free of seed oils and made with 100% avocado oil instead.

But this iconic flavor still pairs perfectly with lunch or dinner. Chef’s kiss!

Purple Sweet Potato

Speaking of firsts, Actual Veggies’ Purple Sweet Potato Super Fries are the first purple sweet potato fries on the market, period. 

What’s purple sweet potato? It’s a tasty vegetable, for one, but it’s also a super antioxidant with three times the power of blueberries. Antioxidants like purple sweet potato can help manage inflammation and support your immune system.

If you’ve never had purple sweet potato before, it’s important that the brand you try gets them right. Actual Veggies knocks it out of the park with a real-food-only recipe that includes purple sweet potato and chickpeas in perfect harmony. 

My Lord, they are so tasty. Lots of protein and fiber, too, which makes sure these adventurous fries are still a healthy alternative.

Sweet Potato

This was a crowd favorite when I had friends over for a veggie-filled dinner soiree. In addition to the classic taste of sweet potato, these fries are also made with carrots, whose extra nutrients help support the immune system and maintain brain health. They’re crunchy on the outside, with soft, warm goodness on the inside that’s mom and kid-approved. 

Now that’s pretty kickass.

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