Best BBQ Spots in Charleston SC

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Let’s set the scene. You’re nestled in the heart of the South, surrounded by historic buildings that whisper tales of the past. The scents of smoky, savory BBQ fill your nostrils, and your mouth starts watering in anticipation. You’re in the charming city of Charleston, South Carolina, where the BBQ is as rich in flavor as the city is in history. 

If you know where to go, Charleston’s BBQ scene can take you on a culinary journey that combines traditional Southern fare with a twist of innovation. From whole hog BBQ to Texas-style brisket, it's a realm where pork and sauce reign supreme. 

So grab your bib, huns — it’s time to dive into the Charleston area’s best barbecue joints.

Rodney Scott’s BBQ

Your first stop on this BBQ restaurant extravaganza is none other than Rodney Scott’s BBQ. You can’t miss it — with the sweet, intoxicating aroma of smoke wafting down King Street and the sound of bluesy tunes pulling you in. Here, whole-hog BBQ is the star of the show, with Rodney himself slow-cooking hogs to perfection in a pit out back. 

Their smoky, tender ribs fall right off the bone, and their famous pulled pork sandwich is a meaty masterpiece that will make you question all prior BBQ experiences. You'll be eating in an environment that's vibrant and inviting, much like our dear Rodney himself. 

And don't forget to pair your meal with their specialty sides, like hush puppies and collard greens. It's a true homage to Southern culinary delight. Enjoy the great food inside, or order online and enjoy your takeout at home.

Lewis Barbecue

If you've ever dreamed of tasting Texas-style BBQ without leaving the comfort of North Charleston, Lewis Barbecue is the place for you. With its sleek, modern decor and laid-back vibe, it's a spot where you can let your hair down and let your taste buds run wild.

The man behind the magic, John Lewis, brings the essence of Texas to Charleston with his succulent beef brisket. It’s tender, juicy, and full of deep, smoky flavor. Pair that with a side of their spicy pinto beans or tangy green chili corn pudding — honey, you've got yourself a feast.

Don't be shy about trying their other lip-smackingly delicious options. Their hot guts sausage and giant beef ribs are just as much of a draw. 

And did we mention their array of homemade sauces? From tangy to sweet, they're the perfect complement to an unforgettable BBQ meal. So go ahead and get your hands dirty — this is a BBQ experience you won't want to miss.

Swig & Swine

If you're in the mood for some serious BBQ exploration, we've got a spot that serves up variety like no other — Swig & Swine. Step into this delightful joint, where rustic meets industrial, and prepare yourself for a BBQ buffet like you've never seen.

Swig & Swine is the perfect place to be adventurous. Sure, they've got their traditional pulled pork with BBQ sauce that melts in your mouth, but you’re missing out if you don’t try their smoked pork belly. It's rich. It's decadent. It's everything a pork lover dreams of.

And let's not forget about their killer sides. The mac and cheese here isn't just a side dish — it's a full-blown event. Creamy, cheesy, and topped with a crisp crust, it's the kind of comfort food that would put you to sleep if it weren’t slapping you in the face with flavor.

But there’s also the “swig” part of this “swine.” With an impressive selection of craft beers to choose from, you can quench your thirst while savoring each smoky bite. It's a match made in BBQ heaven.

Home Team BBQ

Get ready to cheer because next on our list is Home Team BBQ, where southern hospitality meets mouthwatering flavor. "A Friendly Neighborhood BBQ Joint" is not just a tagline — it's an experience that greets you the moment you step through their doors.

At Home Team, you won’t just be soaking in the delicious smoky flavors and scents all around you. You’ll be soaking in the vibrant atmosphere and the sense of the West Ashley community that makes you feel right at home. They're serving up BBQ classics with a side of innovation, making each visit a new culinary adventure.

You can't leave without trying their famous Alabama white sauce smoked wings. They're crispy, smoky, and slathered in a tangy, creamy sauce that makes each bite an explosion of flavors — and they go perfectly with one of Home Team’s killer cocktails. What's a feast without a drink in hand? 

This isn't just about indulging in good food and drink — it's about being part of the Home Team family. 

Bessinger’s BBQ

Next in the BB-queue is a place that's more than a mere restaurant — it's a Charleston institution. Bessinger’s BBQ has been delivering BBQ bliss to the Holy City since 1946. Walk into this quaint little diner and feel the weight of all that delicious history hit you.

Here at Bessinger's, BBQ is a family affair, and their decades-old recipes are steeped in love and tradition. The star of the show? Their award-winning pulled pork sandwiches. Packed with smoky, tender pork and topped with their tangy mustard sauce, it's a sandwich that's worth writing home about.

If you’re feeling hungry, take a dive into their BBQ platter. Overflowing with succulent ribs, chicken, and pork, it's a platter made for those who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Go on, indulge your BBQ cravings at Bessinger's — because some traditions are too delicious to break.

Poogan's Smokehouse

Hope you’re not filled up because there's still so much BBQ goodness to share. Next on our list is a place that's as charming as its name: Poogan's Smokehouse. Located in the historic downtown, this spot serves more than just a plate of fantastic BBQ — it’s serving Southern hospitality, darlings.

The vibe at Poogan's is pure comfort. From the exposed brick walls to the rustic wooden tables, you're welcomed into a cozy embrace. Their smoked brisket is the kind of dish that haunts your dreams in the best possible way. Slow-cooked and served with a delectable jus, it's a smoked meat lover's delight.

And for a true Southern treat, don't miss out on their pimento cheese and house-made biscuits. Creamy, tangy, and melt-in-your-mouth good — it's comfort food at its best. When you step into Poogan's, you can rest assured that every single bite will give you a taste of Charleston.

Cherrywood BBQ & Ale House

It’s time to talk about a hidden gem tucked away in the lush scenery of the Lowcountry — Cherrywood BBQ & Ale House. This isn't just a BBQ spot — it's a full-blown culinary retreat. 

Executive Chef Jason Cote is a magician of the meats, delivering dishes that are smoky, savory, and oh-so-satisfying. From their fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs to their signature Cherrywood smoked chicken, every item on the menu is a testament to their commitment to flavor.

Their beer selection is equally impressive, with a variety of local brews that perfectly complement their BBQ. And their mac and cheese. Oh, their mac and cheese. We have no words. Rich, creamy, and topped with a golden crust, it's the kind of side dish that might just steal the spotlight.

If you're up for a BBQ experience that combines scenic views with delectable dishes, make your way to Cherrywood BBQ & Ale House. Trust us, it's worth the trip.

Melvin's BBQ

Last but certainly not least is Melvin's BBQ. This place has been charming James Island with its BBQ for more than 75 years. It’s one of those joints where time stands still, and you’re transported back to an era where BBQ was more than food — it was a way of life.

What sets Melvin's apart is their secret family recipes. Their St. Louis-style BBQ ribs smoked to perfection are a must-try. Juicy, tender, and smothered in their golden secret sauce, they'll have you licking your fingers and asking for seconds.

As with any superior barbecue outfit, it’s all about their sides. The hush puppies, fried okra, and coleslaw are the perfect companions to your BBQ feast. Step into the warm, homely environment of Melvin's, grab a plate of their legendary BBQ and let your taste buds take a trip down memory lane.

Good ’Til the Last Bite

From whole-hog heaven to tantalizing Texas-style treats, there's a flavor for every BBQ enthusiast in this delightful city. Next time you're in Charleston, don't just walk around and admire the historical sights. 

Take a break, sit down at one of these BBQ joints, and let your senses feast on the rich, smoky goodness that is Charleston BBQ. And remember, don't forget your bibs and your Wet-Naps — this is going to get deliciously messy! For more mouthwatering recs, hit up none other than FoodGod.


Rodney Scott’s BBQ

Lewis Barbecue

Home Team BBQ

Swig & Swine

Melvin's BBQ

Cherrywood BBQ & Ale House

Poogan's Smokehouse

Bessingers BBQ

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