The Best Restaurants in Portland OR


Welcome to the dynamic foodie haven of Portland, Oregon! This Pacific gem is the place to be for all the culinary queens looking for a dining experience that'll have you saying begging for more.

Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, our beloved Portland is strutting the runway with its reputation as the ultimate paradise for those of us who live to eat (and darling, who doesn't?). Here, innovation is the name of the game; local ingredients are the star performers, and sustainability isn't just a buzzword — it's a lifestyle.

Join us on a culinary catwalk through the city, dishing up the tastiest spots Portland has to offer. We're talking everything from farm-to-table feasts and charming local brunch hideouts to avant-garde fusion cuisine and ritzy fine dining spots. Buckle up, honeys, because we're going on a flavorful tour that serves the crème de la crème of Portland's culinary talent and unique cultural flair. So, sit back, relax, and let your taste buds lead the way!

Le Pigeon

Le Pigeon is a highly acclaimed restaurant located on E Burnside St, Portland. It was opened in 2006 by chef Gabriel Rucker and his business partner, Andrew Fortgang. The restaurant has gained a reputation for its inventive and delicious French-inspired cuisine.

One of the defining features of Le Pigeon is its intimate and cozy setting. The restaurant has a small dining area with an open kitchen, allowing guests to watch the culinary magic happen right before their eyes. The atmosphere is casual and inviting, providing a warm and welcoming dining experience.

Chef Gabriel Rucker is known for his creative and playful approach to cooking. The menu at Le Pigeon showcases his culinary expertise and passion for using locally sourced ingredients. The dishes often feature a combination of classic French techniques with innovative twists and unexpected flavor combinations.

The restaurant's name, Le Pigeon, is a nod to the idea that pigeons are often overlooked and undervalued, much like some of the ingredients that Chef Rucker likes to work with. He strives to elevate humble ingredients and transform them into extraordinary culinary creations.

Le Pigeon offers a variety of options for both meat lovers and vegetarians, ensuring that there is something for everyone. The menu changes frequently to incorporate seasonal ingredients and to keep the dining experience fresh and exciting.

Over the years, Le Pigeon has received numerous accolades and recognition. It has been named one of the best restaurants in the country by publications like Food & Wine and Bon Appétit. Chef Rucker himself has been honored with several awards, including the prestigious James Beard Award for Best Chef Northwest.


Ox is a renowned restaurant located in Portland, Oregon, known for its Argentine-inspired cuisine. Opened in 2012, Ox has gained a reputation for its exceptional grilled meats, warm atmosphere, and commitment to quality ingredients.

The restaurant is situated in Northeast Portland and is the brainchild of chefs Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton, a husband-and-wife team. Drawing inspiration from their travels in Argentina, they bring the flavors and techniques of Argentine cuisine to the Pacific Northwest.

The centerpiece of Ox's menu is the wood-fired grill, where the chefs expertly cook a variety of meats to perfection. They source high-quality cuts of beef, lamb, and pork, and the grilling process imparts a smoky and charred flavor that elevates the dishes.

In addition to the grilled meats, Ox offers a range of delectable side dishes and appetizers. From chimichurri sauce and empanadas to roasted vegetables and flavorful salads, the menu provides a well-rounded dining experience that complements the main dishes.


Nodoguro is a highly acclaimed omakase restaurant located in Portland, Oregon, known for its unique and exceptional Japanese dining experience. Established in 2012, Nodoguro offers a distinctive and ever-changing menu based on the traditional Japanese concept of kaiseki, a multi-course meal that reflects the season and showcases the skills of the chef.

Nodoguro is the brainchild of chefs Ryan and Elena Roadhouse, who are committed to delivering an immersive and intimate dining experience. The restaurant is situated in Southeast Portland and features a small and intimate setting with limited seating, creating an atmosphere that fosters a close connection between the chefs and guests.

One of the highlights of Nodoguro is its menu, which changes frequently to incorporate the freshest seasonal ingredients. The chefs draw inspiration from both Japanese and Pacific Northwest culinary traditions, resulting in a fusion of flavors and techniques that create a truly unique dining experience.

The dishes at Nodoguro are meticulously prepared and artfully presented, including various sushi, sashimi, and seafood in an izakaya-style. Each course is thoughtfully crafted to provide a balance of flavors, textures, and visual appeal, along with a paired wine list hand-picked for each dish. The chefs pay great attention to detail, using premium and often rare ingredients to create a memorable and exquisite Asian dining experience.

Ava Gene’s

Ava Gene's is a renowned restaurant located in the Southeast Division neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Opened in 2012, Ava Gene's has gained a stellar reputation for its rustic yet refined Italian-inspired cuisine and its commitment to using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant is the brainchild of chef Joshua McFadden, a James Beard Award winner known for his expertise in vegetable-centric cooking and his passion for showcasing the flavors and traditions of Italy. Ava Gene's takes its name from McFadden's grandmother, Ava Gene Perry, who inspired his love for food and cooking.

The menu at Ava Gene's reflects a commitment to simplicity and highlights the natural flavors of the ingredients. It offers a range of dishes inspired by Italian regional cuisine, with a focus on handmade noodles, wood-fired cooking, and a variety of vibrant and seasonal vegetables. The restaurant's menu changes frequently to incorporate the freshest local produce and to showcase the flavors of the current season.

Ava Gene's interior features a warm and inviting atmosphere with a modern rustic aesthetic. The space includes an open kitchen, allowing diners to catch glimpses of the chefs in action. The restaurant offers both communal tables and cozy booths, accommodating different dining preferences.

In addition to its exceptional food, Ava Gene's also boasts an impressive wine program. The restaurant offers an extensive selection of Italian wines, with a focus on natural and biodynamic producers. The knowledgeable staff can assist in pairing the perfect wine with your meal, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Oma’s Hideaway

Nestled on Division Street, Oma's Hideaway weaves a captivating story of culinary delight and vibrant nightlife. Venture into this trendy gem and let its unique fusion of Southeast Asian flavors, especially inspired by traditional street food recipes from Malaysia and Singapore, whisk you away on a gastronomic journey like no other.

Each dish is a testament to the owner’s Grandmother and her old-world recipes, with a modern twist that tantalizes your taste buds. As they say it, “Oma’s Hideaway is an homage to all grandmothers, matriarchs, and grandchildren.” Whether you're sinking your teeth into the hearty comfort food of their signature corn fritters, slurping up their homemade egg noodle or sweet potato dumplings, or savoring the spicy allure of Terasi Udang, every bite is an adventure in flavor.

But Oma's Hideaway is more than just an eatery. With its vibrant wine bar, live music, artisanal cocktails, and an unforgettable ambiance, it transforms each visit into an immersive experience. From the moment you step in, you're not just a customer – you're part of the family.


Prepare for a thrilling culinary escapade at Lechon, an explosion of Latin American flavors that will transport you to a vibrant fiesta right in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Nestled in downtown PDX, this restaurant pulsates with energy, offering an exciting and unforgettable dining experience.

As you step inside Lechon, you'll be greeted by the lively ambiance of the dining room that immerses you in Latin American culture. The vibrant decor, giant tropical fish tanks, and warm hospitality create an atmosphere that makes you feel like you've been transported to the streets of Lima.

Now, let's talk about the star of the show: the food. Lechon is renowned for its small plates, perfect for sharing with your people. Picture this: tender cuts of meat kissed by smoke and fire, perfectly charred on the outside while remaining tender and flavorful within. From Peruvian fried chicken to the best shrimp ceviche you’ll ever eat, every bite at Lechon is a celebration of delight.

Honorable Mentions

  • Langbaan: Akkapong Earl Ninsom’s dinner club, located in Northwest Portland.

  • St. Jack: Known for their foie gras tarts, this eatery is located on NW 23rd Ave.

  • Coquine: On the corner of SE 69th and Belmont, this restaurant boasts a tasting menu of seven courses, each more delicious than the last.

  • Eem: This Thai BBQ cocktail joint is located on North Williams Ave.

  • Nong's Khao Man Gai: Located in Southeast Ankeny, this bustling eatery started as a humble food cart.

  • Screendoor: Located in Eastside Portland, this eatery boasts famous fried chicken and waffles with a sweet potato twist.

  • Kann: Located in SE Ash St, Portland, enjoy this Haitian-inspired new restaurant from Gregory Gourdet.

  • Mediterranean Exploration Company: Located in the Pearl District, this eatery offers grilled seafood, vegetables, and mezze.

Portland: A Foodie’s Paradise

Live your foodie fantasy in Portland! This city is practically bursting at the seams with culinary wizardry and flavors that'll make your taste buds do the cha-cha-cha. Got a hankering for Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, or Spanish cuisine? No worries, Portland has got you covered with a restaurant that'll make your heart skip a beat.

From cutting-edge farm-to-table magic to a colorful palette of international delights, Portland's food scene is an endless soiree of excitement and gastronomic revelations. Which Portland restaurant will you tackle next? Buckle up for a lip-smacking odyssey and find out why Portland is the 'it' destination for food aficionados seeking some serious culinary razzle-dazzle!

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