Portland's Best Coffee Shops and Roasters

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Hello there, caffeine connoisseurs and java junkies! Welcome to another aromatic, roast-fueled adventure — we’re spilling the beans (not literally, of course) on Portland's best coffee shops and coffee roasters.

You know the drill: don't dare touch that Keurig, toss out that instant coffee jar, and keep that grocery store espresso blend on the shelf where it belongs. We're about to take your tastebuds on a journey through the ultimate coffee wonderland, otherwise known as the Rose City itself: Portland, Oregon, home of specialty lattes, pour-overs, and more. Here, the baristas have mad skills, and the cappuccinos are always Insta-worthy.

Stay tuned, my cold brew-loving darlings, for the crema of the crop, as we drip through the top coffee shops and roasters that Portland has to offer. It's high time we get to sipping, Portland style!

Proud Mary Cafe

The first stop on our caffeine-filled expedition is none other than Proud Mary Specialty Coffee

This brilliant gem nestled in the Alberta Arts District is a bean's throw away from some of Portland's quirkiest art installations and trendiest thrift shops. Proud Mary — or "Proud Mary from Down Under," as locals fondly call it — originally hails from Melbourne, Australia, a city that knows a thing or two about good coffee. And boy, did they bring their A-game to PDX!

Stepping into Proud Mary, you might think you've entered a minimalist coffee museum rather than a bustling café. With its sleek, modern décor, splashes of calming pastel hues, and industrial-chic vibe, it's practically a playground for Instagram enthusiasts in search of a great cup of coffee. 

But don't get too absorbed in snapping photos for your feed — the real magic happens at the espresso machine. Proud Mary’s espresso drinks make it one of the most exciting Portland Coffee Shops ever, baby.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Let's stroll along the city's well-trodden streets and wind our way to Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Oh, Stumptown. The name alone resonates with echoes of Portland's history — after all, the city was once nicknamed 'Stumptown' during its rapid growth phase in the mid-19th century when trees were cut down to pave the way for development.

But fast forward to today, and Stumptown is the moniker of one of the most renowned coffee roasters not only in Portland, not only in the U.S. but dare we say it...in the world. Now, that's a whole latte legacy!

As for the coffee bar’s offerings, it’s all absolute showstoppers, from the mocha to the matcha. Every cup is a testament to their dedication to quality. Whether you're a fan of the straightforward yet sublime “Hair Bender” espresso, the punchy cold brew, or their unique single-origin drip coffee offerings, Stumptown has a brew for you.

Their baristas, or should we say coffee wizards, have the uncanny ability to craft the perfect cup every single time. And let's not forget their nitro cold brew — it's as frothy, creamy, and rich as coffee can get, a caffeinated cascade in a glass! Next time you’re in downtown Portland and craving delicious coffee, Stumptown is the place to stop.

Coava Coffee Roasters

Coava is famous for its carefully curated selection of single-origin coffee beans, each offering a unique flavor profile that takes your palate on a journey around the globe.

They're all about transparency and traceability, working directly with farmers to ensure every bean is ethically sourced and expertly roasted. They even offer public cuppings — high-quality coffee tastings for the uninitiated — where you can sample their range and learn about their origins.

Whether you opt for a traditional espresso or venture into the realm of Chemex brews or Aeropress delights, Coava’s offerings are a sensory explosion.

Their baristas are artisans, carefully crafting your brew with skill and care that borders on the obsessive. The result? A coffee experience that’s as smooth, balanced, and complex as a well-aged wine.

Oh, and let's not forget their homemade almond-macadamia milk for those coffee lovers who prefer their favorite coffee drinks on the creamier side. It's nutty, smooth, and a game-changer for your latte or cappuccino.

Upper Left Roasters

Let’s shimmy on down to the heart of Portland's Southeast district and step into the oasis that is Upper Left Roasters — where the coffee is bold, the aesthetics are sharper than your cat eyeliner, and the lattes are downright legendary.

Upper Left Roasters is not just any coffee shop, darlings. This is the Eastside’s caffeine-filled Mecca, the mothership calling us home. With its whitewashed walls, high ceilings, hanging plants, and natural light pouring in, this place feels like the trendy loft apartment of our dreams. I mean, you could probably snap a pic for your “Dream Home” Pinterest board, and no one would question it!

Now, let's get down to the real delectable deal here — the coffee. If Upper Left Roasters were a pop diva, it'd be the one belting out power ballads about sustainable farming practices and ethically sourced beans. The magic starts in their in-house roastery, where they carefully roast small batches of single-origin beans to hit all the right notes of flavor.

And oh, the lattes! If you haven't tried their lavender syrup latte, you haven't lived, my friend. It's floral, creamy, and just sweet enough — it’s like sipping on a spring day. They’ve got their milk steaming and latte art down to a science, resulting in a texture so velvety smooth it’s like a cashmere sweater for your taste buds. 

Not a latte lover? Fear not. Their robust espressos and smooth cold brews are equally mind-blowing — it’s great coffee all around.

Never Coffee Lab

At Never Coffee, they don’t just serve drinks; they serve magic in a cup. The stars of this third-wave coffee company’s little show are their iconic themed lattes — concoctions so daringly inventive they make regular lattes look like wallflowers at the school dance. 

Ever sipped a latte laced with chili cayenne, nutmeg, and cinnamon? Well, now's your chance with the 'Hug,' their spicy, comforting brew that kicks like a mule and cuddles like a kitten.

Never Coffee sources top-notch beans from Latin America and Africa, and their espresso and pour-overs are pure poetry. Whether you like your coffee classic or crave a little adventure, this place is a Technicolor dream you'll never want to wake up from.

Heart Coffee

Wander into Portland's Kerns neighborhood, and you'll stumble upon a spot where coffee is both a science and a love language. Welcome to Heart Coffee Roasters, where the ethos is simple yet profound: "roast with care, brew with precision, serve with love."

Step inside this Portland cafe, and you'll find a minimalist haven — clean lines, muted hues, and a tranquil ambiance. It's the kind of place where you can hear the whisper of steam frothing milk, the gentle grind of beans, and the soft hum of hushed conversations.

But don't let the simplicity fool you — Heart is anything but ordinary, darling. Their beans are carefully sourced, roasted on-site, and brewed to perfection. Each cup is a testament to the delicate balance of acidity, body, and complex flavors that makes Heart's coffee a sensory delight.

Deadstock Coffee

In the heart of Old Town, this is where street culture meets coffee culture in a slam dunk of style and flavor. Run by a former Nike shoe designer, Deadstock is the kind of place where you can sip on an expertly crafted latte while discussing the latest sneaker drops. Cool? More like ice-cold!

Stepping into Deadstock is like walking into the coolest hangout spot on the block. Retro sneakers line the shelves, street art adorns the walls, and hip-hop beats set the vibe. This isn't your grandma's tea room — it's trendy, it's vibey, and it's oh-so-Portland’s coffee scene.

But let's not forget about the coffee. At Deadstock, they're pulling shots and pouring over with the best of them. And with drinks like the 'Lebronald Palmer,' a mix of lemonade, espresso, and muddled mint, they're elevating the coffee game to MVP levels.

Get Your Caffeine Fix in Portland

From the minimalist chic of Heart Coffee Roasters to the hip, sneaker-loving vibe of Deadstock Coffee, we've traversed the city, one coffee shop at a time. It's been a journey of discovery, a celebration of diversity, and a testament to the creativity this city effortlessly brews and pours into every cup.

These gems are more than just places to grab your daily dirty chai or Cortado; they are living, breathing parts of the community, each with a unique story to tell and a distinctive flavor to offer! They embody the essence of Portland — a city that values sustainability, cherishes individuality, and understands the true art of well-roasted coffee.

Whether you're a Portland local or a visitor to our charming city, remember — every coffee shop has a soul, every barista has a story, and every cup has the power to connect us. So, here's to the journey, to the brew-tiful adventure that awaits in every nook and cranny of Portland's coffee scene. Get ready to take your taste buds on a ride, one coffee shop at a time. Cheers, and happy caffeinating!



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