Best Places To Get a Burrito in San Francisco

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Welcome, burrito aficionados!

If you find yourself in the glorious city by the Bay area, there's one thing you absolutely cannot miss: the epic quest for the best burrito in San Francisco, California. We're talking about the kind of Mexican meal that makes your taste buds jump with joy, your tummy do a happy dance, and your mouth scream, "¡Más salsa, por favor!"

So, join us as we embark on a flavor-packed, tortilla-wrapped adventure through the streets of SF. Get ready to savor every glorious bite and maybe even find yourself in a tortilla-induced food coma. Are you up for the challenge? Let's roll!

Señor Sisig

Señor Sisig is the culinary lovechild of two amazing cuisines — Filipino and Mexican — and let me tell you, this union is hotter than a salsa showdown on a tropical beach. 

Picture this: tender, marinated meat infused with Filipino flavors like garlic, calamansi, and soy sauce, all wrapped up in a warm tortilla and topped with Mexican-inspired salsas and garnishes. It's a flavor explosion as unexpected and delightful as seeing your favorite pop star rocking a sombrero.

But hold up; it's not just about the burritos here. Señor Sisig knows how to shake things up with their sisig fries that will have you saying, "Move over, boring old fries!" 

These crispy, golden delights are loaded with a generous helping of sisig — sizzling, savory meat that'll make your taste buds jump for joy. Top it all off with a drizzle of their secret sauce and a sprinkle of fresh cilantro, and you've got a dish that takes fries to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Taqueria Cancun on Mission St.

First stop on our burrito bonanza: Taqueria Cancun, the OG burrito and taco joint of San Francisco!

This place is the real deal, and if you haven't experienced their culinary wizardry yet, you've been missing out on life, my friend. Prepare to have your taste buds knocked right out of your tongue!

Step into Taqueria Cancun and feel the fiesta vibes instantly. The colorful walls adorned with sombreros and mariachi tunes blasting in the background transport you to a street corner in Mexico, minus the sweltering heat and questionable street performers. It's the perfect setting to dive into a burrito extravaganza.

Now, let's talk about their burritos. These bad boys are legendary, like Beyoncé of the burrito world. They are massive, stuffed to the brim with your choice of meat (or veggies if that's your jam), rice, beans, and a heavenly blend of salsa and guacamole that will make you weak in the knees. Oh, and did we mention the tortillas? Freshly made, warm, and as soft as a unicorn's mane.

One bite into a Taqueria Cancun burrito, and you'll understand why people flock here like seagulls to a french fry. It's a flavor explosion that'll leave you wondering how you survived without it. And don't even get us started on their signature super burrito — it's like a regular burrito on steroids, a burrito with a cape, a burrito that can save the world (or at least your lunchtime cravings).

La Taqueria on Mission St

Hold on to your sombreros, because we're about to salsa our way into La Taqueria, the reigning burrito royalty of San Francisco! 🌮👑 This place is so iconic that even the burrito gods themselves come here to pay homage. Prepare yourself for a taste sensation that will have you shouting, "¡Ay, caramba!"

Every bite of a La Taqueria burrito is a harmonious symphony of flavors, a tantalizing tango between tender meats, velvety beans, and their magical, secret ingredient: love. Seriously, we're pretty sure they sprinkle their burritos with pixie dust or unicorn tears or something equally enchanting.

La Taqueria knows how to keep it classic yet extraordinary. Their Mission-style burritos with al pastor or carne asada are a work of art, tightly wrapped and bursting at the seams with your choice of succulent meat, accompanied by pinto beans, rice, cheese, and a splash of their signature salsa. 

Each component is meticulously crafted to achieve the perfect balance of flavors, textures, and overall burrito nirvana. It's like a party in your mouth, and everyone's invited!

El Farolito on Mission Street

Next on our list is our legendary Mexican Restaurant, El Farolito. These flavor bombs are not for the faint of heart. They're for the brave souls who crave a little extra kick in their culinary adventures.

Picture this: tender grilled carnitas, perfectly seasoned rice, velvety black beans, and a symphony of sour cream and other iconic toppings, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla that can barely contain the sheer awesomeness within. It's like a flavor explosion in your mouth, a party where every taste bud gets an invitation.

At El Farolito, they don't just serve burritos; they serve weapons of mass deliciousness. Their carne asada is grilled to perfection and topped with fresh cilantro, their al pastor is marinated to mouthwatering perfection, and their carnitas are so tender, they practically melt in your mouth. It's a carnivore's dream come true, and even veggie lovers won't be able to resist the siren call of their scrumptious grilled veggies.

But here's the secret weapon of El Farolito: their salsa game is on point! They've got a salsa selection that'll make your taste buds do a spicy salsa dance. From mild to volcanic eruption, their salsas are the fiery companions your favorite burrito needs. 

So go ahead, douse that crispy, overstuffed burrito in their tantalizing red salsa, let the tangy green salsa tickle your tongue, or go all out with the smoky chipotle salsa. Just remember to have a cool beverage nearby because things are about to get caliente!

Papalote at 24th Street and Valencia

Papalote in the Mission District takes burrito craftsmanship to an art form and has frequently earned the title of best burrito in San Francisco. 

Each masterpiece they create is a symphony of perfectly balanced flavors and carefully selected ingredients. Whether you're a fan of juicy grilled chicken, succulent carne asada, or marinated tofu for our plant-based pals, Papalote has got you covered. And let's not forget the star of the show: their legendary roasted tomato and chipotle salsa, known to bring tears of joy to burrito enthusiasts far and wide.

But what sets Papalote apart from the pack of delicious burritos on this list? It's their magical blend of classic Mexican food ingredients. Tender chorizo, steak, chicken, or flavorful veggies, nestled in a warm tortilla, accompanied by perfectly cooked rice, creamy beans, and a generous drizzle of their secret weapon — their signature creamy avocado sauce. It's like a flavor symphony that will make your taste buds want to get up and dance the salsa.

And speaking of salsas, Papalote takes their salsa game seriously. They've got a salsa bar that's like a rainbow of tangy, zesty, and downright addictive concoctions. From the smoky richness of their chipotle salsa to the fresh burst of their tangy pico de gallo, it's a salsa lover's paradise. 

Slather it on your burrito, dip your chips in it, or just take a shot of pure salsa joy. It's your salsa playground — play it however you want!

Pancho Villa Taqueria on 16th Street

Pancho Villa Taqueria takes their toppings game to the next level. Their salsa bar is a rainbow of spicy goodness, with options ranging from mild to face-meltingly hot. 

Take your pick from their tangy green salsa, their smoky chipotle salsa, or their fiery habanero salsa if you dare. It's a salsa adventure that will have you discovering new levels of flavor and discovering your personal spice tolerance.

Now, let's talk burritos because Pancho Villa Taqueria knows how to do them justice. These burritos are nothing short of legendary, big enough to make your arms tremble with anticipation. 

They're packed to perfection with your choice of meat, rice, beans, and a delightful blend of flavors that will make your taste buds do the Mexican hat dance. One bite into a Pancho Villa burrito, and you'll be transported to burrito nirvana, where every bite is a celebration of flavor and pure bliss.

And for our vegetarian amigos, fear not! Pancho Villa Taqueria caters to your veggie needs with options like their grilled veggie burrito or their flavorful tofu tacos. They believe everyone deserves to experience the fiesta of flavors, regardless of dietary preferences.

Wrapping Up (The Tortilla)

And there you have it, my fellow burrito enthusiasts and flavor adventurers! We've embarked on a gastronomic journey through the streets of San Francisco in search of the best burrito in town. 

From the OG vibes of Taqueria Cancun to the reigning royalty of La Taqueria, the fiery delights of El Farolito, the saucy goodness of Papalote, and the vibrant fiesta at Pancho Villa Taqueria, we've savored every delectable bite, salsa splatter, and tortilla crumble.

But let's be real, deciding on the ultimate best burrito in San Francisco is like trying to choose your favorite Spice Girl — it's practically impossible! Each taqueria we've explored has its own unique flair and mouthwatering creations that deserve a standing ovation.

So, whether you prefer the massive burritos of Taqueria Cancun, the legendary classics at La Taqueria, the fiery flavors of El Farolito, the saucy wonders of Papalote, or the vibrant fiesta at Pancho Villa Taqueria, one thing is for sure: San Francisco is a burrito paradise.


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