Top-Rated Restaurants in Melbourne


Oh, honey! Melbourne isn't just Australia's cultural hub; it's also the culinary queen of the southern hemisphere. Think of Melbourne as the Kylie Jenner of the food world — young, fresh, and forever serving looks (and, in this case, dishes) that will leave you gasping.

So, fasten your seatbelts, darlings, because we’re is about to serve you the juiciest deets on Melbourne's most scrumptious spots.

The World on a Plate: Melbourne's Cultural Fusion

Asian Eateries: From Tokyo to Thailand

So, you fancy a trip to Asia but don’t want the jetlag? Say no more. Melbourne's got you!


First stop, Tokyo (well, almost)! There's sushi, and then there's Melbourne sushi. And trust us, once you've tasted Melbourne's maki rolls at Minamishima, there's no turning back.

Dive deep into the heart of the city and discover sushi bars that'll make you feel like you've stepped right into a bustling Tokyo alley. But it's not just sushi. It's a culinary journey from sashimi to tempura, and yes, darling, all the sake your heart desires.

Thai and Vietnamese

No need to choose between Pad Thai at Hochi Mama or Pho when Melbourne offers the best of both worlds.

Pad Thai at Hochi Mama

Experience Thai cuisine that packs a punch with every bite and Vietnamese dishes as authentic as your love for the Kardashians. Dive into the Southeast Asian scene and let flavors from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh sweep you off your feet.


If you haven’t had dumplings at Melbourne's iconic Flower Drum, are you even living? It’s the kind of place where every bite feels like a first kiss. Unexpected, delightful, and leaving you wanting more. And while you’re at it, darling, try their crispy duck. It’s the kind of dish you'd write poetry about.

European Extravagance

Pack your bags because we're heading to Europe, well, gastronomically, at least!


Tipo 00 isn’t just a name; it's a vibe, an emotion, a whole mood! It's like if Rome and Melbourne had a love child, and this child decided to whip up the most luscious pasta dishes you've ever tasted. And their wine list? Oh, sweetie, it's basically a love letter to every grape in Italy.


Fancy a jaunt to Paris without the 24-hour flight? Dive into Bistrot d’Orsay, where every dish feels like a romantic escape. Think caviar, truffle-infused delights, and desserts that'll make you say, "Ooh la la!" without a hint of irony.


Can we talk about the magic of the Mediterranean for a hot sec? The flavors of Spain, Greece, and the entire Mediterranean coast come alive in Melbourne.

From tapas at Bombabar that dance on your palate to Greek dishes that are a hearty embrace, it's a culinary journey you won't forget. And don’t even get us started on the a la carte dishes; they’re basically a Mediterranean vacation on a plate.

Tapas at Bombabar

Well, fam, that's just the appetizer of what Melbourne has to offer. Stay tuned for the main course because, honey, we're just getting started.

Collins Street Delights

Listen up, glamazons! If Melbourne were a fashion runway, Collins St would be its red carpet. This is where Melbourne's gastronomic glitterati hang out, and sweetie, it's fab-u-lous!

Cavendish House

Cavendish House is an institution that’s as timeless as Madonna’s pop hits. Remember when she sang, "Life is a mystery"? Well, the dishes at Cavendish are just that — each bite a delightful riddle your tastebuds will love to solve.

Seafood Rice from Gimlet at Cavendish House

If you're looking for a place that moves (but only with the times), darling, you've found your spot.

Flinders Lane

Ever heard the phrase, “So much to eat, so little time?” Well, that was probably penned down by someone strolling down Flinders Lane.

This iconic stretch is where Melbourne's heart beats loudest. Every corner, every alleyway is an invitation to embark on a culinary adventure. Dive into quaint bistros, sip wine at hidden bars, and devour dishes that will make you wish you wore stretchy pants.

CBD and Fitzroy Finds

Get ready to strut because the Central Business District (CBD) and Fitzroy aren't just about the hustle and bustle; they're also Melbourne's culinary catwalk.

Tipo 00

Yes, we're name-dropping it again because, darling, it's just that good. Think of Tipo 00 as that reliable bestie — always there to comfort you with a plate of pasta and a glass of red.

Gramigna, Confit Yellow Tomato, Saltbush, Capers, and Green Olive Crumb from Tipo 00

Delis, bistros, taverns? Oh, honey, it's a trifecta of taste!

Whether you're grabbing a quick bite at a deli, lounging at a laid-back tavern, or enjoying a candle-lit dinner at a bistro, these neighborhoods will make you fall in love with food all over again.

South Yarra Sweets and Eats

Gather around, sweet-toothed divas, because South Yarra is about to satiate all your sugar-laced dreams. But it's not just about the desserts.


A spot where elegance meets edibles. Picture this: caviar, tasting menus that read like poetry, and ambiance that's straight out of a rom-com. And then there's Marble Bar — the place where Melbourne's creme de la creme go-to wine, dine, and shine.

Let’s Go Global Without the Flight

Indian Aromas

The vibrant colors, the tantalizing spices, the sheer variety — Melbourne's Aangan is nothing short of a Bollywood dance number for your palate.

Veg Thali from Aangan Restaurant

From buttery naans to fragrant curries, it's a gastronomic journey from Melbourne to Mumbai.

Korean Skewers

If you’ve never had Korean BBQ skewers from Bornga, are you even a foodie? The charred meats, the zesty side dishes, the sizzle and smoke — it's a sensory overload that's as exciting as the season finale of your favorite reality show.

Irish Taverns

Looking for a cozy corner with a pint of beer, heartwarming food, and an old-world charm? Melbourne’s Irish taverns (like the Drunken Poet) are your answer. It's like stepping into a warm hug, accompanied by melodies that make your soul dance.

And that, FoodGod fam, is your passport to a world of flavors in Melbourne. But don’t pack your bags yet; our journey is far from over. More delectable destinations await in the next chapter. Stay peckish!

A Toast to Melbourne's Liquid Luxuries

Wine Bars and Cellars

Let's spill the tea (or, in this case, wine) about Melbourne's wine bars (don’t sleep on Punch Lane). These are not just places to sip on a Chardonnay; they're where you experience wine. Think of it as the VIP section of Melbourne's nightlife without the velvet ropes.

From the curated wine lists of Collins St. to the hidden cellars in CBD, each glass tells a story. And let's be real; a fab wine room? It’s the adult version of a candy store.

Rooftop Bars

Raise a glass and elevate those vibes at Melbourne's rooftop bars, like the one at the QT hotel.

QT Melbourne

Whether it's sipping a cocktail as the sun sets or clinking champagne flutes under the stars, these places are the spot for that picture-perfect Instagram story. And if the view doesn't take your breath away, the mixologist's concoctions certainly will. Cheers to high life!

Trendy Takeouts

You know those nights when you just want to Netflix and chill but with a gourmet twist? Melbourne's got your back and your snacks! From delectable deli sandwiches to upscale Asian takeouts, why dine out when you can bring the restaurant home?

And if you’re thinking pizza, think again. We’re talking scallops, truffles, and all things posh in a box!

Special Spots for Special Occasions

Fine Dining Extravagance

Honey, Melbourne doesn't just serve food; it serves experiences. Places like Attica and Vue de Monde are not just about the food; they're a celebration.

Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms from Attica Melbourne

Whether you’re marking an anniversary or just Tuesday (because why not?), these spots make you feel like royalty. And the tasting menus? Oh, darling, they’re more curated than a Met Gala guest list.

Date Night Destination

If Melbourne's streets are a runway, then its date night spots are the front-row seats. Picture this: dim lights, soulful music, and dishes that whisper sweet nothings to your taste buds.

Roasted Chicken, Ginger, Sourdough Bread Miso, & Confit Garlic from Aru Restaurant

Places like Aru and Cutler make every night feel like Valentine's. All you need is love...and a reservation!

Brunch Bunch

Let’s be real: Brunch isn't just a meal; it’s a lifestyle. And Melbourne does it like no other.

From fluffy pancakes that might as well be clouds to the richest coffees this side of Italy, brunching here is akin to a religious experience. So, grab your squad, pick a sunlit spot, and let the mimosas flow!

Unique Eateries and Off-the-Beaten-Path Gems

The Australian Delight

For a taste that's truly Down Under, dive into eateries that showcase the essence of Australia. From kangaroo skewers at Hunter and Barrel (yes, it’s a thing) to dishes infused with indigenous herbs, it's a culinary journey that's as wild and wonderful as the Aussie outback.

Arty Eateries

Melbourne's always been a hotspot for artists, and this reflects even in its eateries. Places that are not just about the food but also about the art (like NGV) — on the plate and on the walls. So, if you want to feed your body and soul, you know where to go.

Vintage Vibes

Nostalgia's not just a sentiment; in Melbourne, it's a flavor. Step back in time with eateries that transport you to a different era. Whether the retro decor or classic dishes made the old-fashioned way, it’s a delicious blast from the past.

Melbourne Munchies

And there you have it, my fabulous FoodGod fam. A tantalizing tour of Melbourne’s mélange of eateries. But remember, the journey doesn’t end here.

Melbourne’s food scene is ever-evolving, much like our love for all things delicious. Until next time, stay hungry and always, always stay fabulous!

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