Best Street Food in Melbourne


Melbourne, Australia, is a bustling culinary haven for foodies on the prowl for the best street food experiences! From crispy Korean hot dogs to tantalizing Thai skewers, the city is alive with flavors that span continents.

But what makes Melbourne street food truly unforgettable? Honey, it's the perfect blend of cultures, aromas, and the delicious dance of dumplings, bbq, and ice cream swirling around food stalls and food trucks.

Whether you're looking for gluten-free options or drool-worthy cheap eats, the street food markets of Melbourne have it all…and that’s before we’ve even started talking about the takeaway restaurants and cafes that offer incredible street food savories and sweets.

Let's embark on a gourmet adventure that promises to awaken your taste buds and rock your world with good food from St Kilda to Fitzroy!

1. Queen Victoria Market

When we're talking about the street food scene in Melbourne, you can't just stroll past Queen Victoria Market without stopping for a bite or 10! As one of Australia's most vibrant food destinations, this market is where the magic happens.

Taste sensations from Italian crepes to Chinese dumplings mingle in the air, beckoning food lovers from near and far. Fancy some American-style fried chicken or authentic Indian skewers? You'll find it all here and then some.

And don't sleep on the gelato! Summer night market, waffle fries, and taco stands await you with open arms.

This market is your go-to spot if you're in Melbourne CBD and need some delectable takeaway. It's the epitome of good food, Australian-style, and it's calling your name!

2. Dim Sums

South Melbourne Market is where the dumpling dream comes true. It's a slice of heaven for lovers of Asian cuisine, especially those who crave something crispy and savory.

This delectable dim sum location has been serving up the best dimmies in Melbs for nearly 60 years, so you can trust that they’ve learned more than enough in that time to blow your mind.

Famous for their super flavorful dim sum, Dim Sims is a family business that’s ready to serve you crispy umami delight and a fresh zinginess in every mouthful that will make you want to skip the rest of the list and just eat here every day for the rest of your trip.

3. Chunky Town

Won’t you take us down to Chunky Town? The answer is a resounding yes because this is one place that serves up street food on the go that we never miss when we’re in town.

Situated in the heart of Melbourne, this Korean-inspired street food gem brings the heat and then some. Think crispy, think crunchy, think sausage-on-a-stick battered and fried to golden perfection — that's Chunky Town!

Drizzled with cheese, ketchup, or mayo, their hot dogs are legendary. But don't stop there. The adventure awaits with waffle fries, Korean fried chicken, and the pièce de résistance — donut balls covered in soft-serve ice cream. It's the kind of culinary party Melbourne, Australia, is famous for.

4. Heartbaker Bun Mee

Nestled in a tiny laneway, not far from the bustling life of Melbourne CBD, lies a Vietnamese haven that goes by the name of Heartbaker Bun Mee. It's a place that whispers tales of authentic street food, a symphony of flavors that transport you straight to the vibrant streets of Vietnam. Carb cravings? Honey, they've got you covered.

Ultra-crispy banh mi with perfectly balanced flavors — that's what Heartbaker Bun Mee is all about. The pork rolls are not just a takeaway but a statement of good food.

Under $10, these rolls are Melbourne's own treasure trove of taste, a testament to the best street food in Australia. You might want to wash it down with a Vietnamese iced coffee sweetened with condensed milk just because you can!

5. Belles Hot Chicken

Get ready, darling, because things are heating up in Melbourne! Belles Hot Chicken is not just a place; it's a cult, a devotion to the crispy goodness that only the best street food can offer. Owner Morgan McGlone has brought the Southern US to Australia, and we are here for it.

Tenders, drumsticks, or wings — it doesn't matter what you choose. The secret is in the heat. You've got three options: hot, really hot, or really f**kin hot. It's like a summer night market, but all year round. Served with white bread and pickles (just like in Nashville), this fried chicken haven offers some seriously good food.

Found in Fitzroy and on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne CBD, the vibes are guaranteed, and the chicken? Honey, it's a taste of American perfection in Aussie land.

6. Very Good Falafel

If crispy falafel and warm pitta are calling your name, it's time for a trip to Brunswick. Welcome to Very Good Falafel, the quirky and delightful hub for the best falafel in Victoria. Using chickpeas grown in regional Victoria, the flavors here aren't just Middle Eastern; they're a touch of Melbourne magic.

You're not just getting falafel here. Oh no, darling, you're getting an explosion of flavors with zingy sauces, pickles, and salad.

Melbourne street food is renowned for diversity and Very Good Falafel is no exception. Whether you're a falafel fan or a lover of fried eggplant, the choices are endless. Over eight years, this little takeaway shop has been bringing Melburnians and tourists back again and again.

It's an oasis of cheap eats with gluten-free options, perfectly positioned for foodies exploring Fitzroy or Thornbury. If you're longing for something meaty, like lamb ktzitzot, you'll find that here too.

7. Maple Leaf Foods

Roll back the clock and hop into the “retro rocket” with Maple Leaf Meats. This unique silver caravan, towed by a 1976 Volkswagen Kombi, is not just a food van — it's a time-traveling culinary experience that takes you to the heart of Canadian flavors.

At Maple Leaf Meats, Melbourne's street food meets yesteryear with a touch of retro elegance. Every product made in-house is crafted with love, care, and a sprinkle of good ol' Canadian spirit. Whether you're in Melbourne CBD or exploring the food stalls of Fitzroy, this van of vintage vibes offers Aussie foodies a taste of something unique.

You won't find anything like it in Sydney or South Melbourne Market. So get ready for a delightful journey, eh?

8. Dingo Ate My Taco

It's taco time in Melbourne, and nobody does it like Dingo Ate My Taco! This Tex-Mex-inspired food truck serves up street food with flair, combining slow-smoked Texan brisket with the zest of Mexican corn fungus. Get your hands on some crispy tacos, quesadillas, or fresh tortilla chips and salsa, and you'll find yourself dancing in the streets.

Whether at the permanent Dingo Kitchen on St Kilda Road or popping up around the city, this taco haven is calling your name. There's always time for tacos in the summer night market, winter festival, or just a casual day in South Yarra. Melbourne, Australia, just got a little bit spicier, and we are here for it!

9. Pierogi Pierogi

Say hello to Pierogi Pierogi, where Melbourne's love for dumplings finds a Polish twist. Crisp, pan-fried, and packed with flavor, these Polish dumplings are a foodie's dream come true.

Slow-cooked beef with root vegetables, potato with farmers' cheese, or mushroom and sauerkraut — why choose one when you can have all three?

Load them up with sour cream, fried onion, pickles, or crispy bacon chunks, and you've got a street food sensation that rivals anything in Fitzroy or Thornbury. Melbourne's food stalls may be famous for Asian, Italian, and Indian delights, but Pierogi Pierogi adds an unexpected and delicious Eastern European edge.

10. The Real Jerk

Melbourne may be known for its rich tapestry of food stalls, boasting flavors from Vietnamese pho to Greek souvlaki, but it's not every day you stumble upon a vibrant taste of the Caribbean. The Real Jerk offers a tantalizing street food spot filling Melbourne's Jamaican cuisine gap with flair. If your taste buds are tingling for something different, this is the place to be.

The star of the show is, undoubtedly, the spicy jerk chicken, expertly spiced, grilled or fried, and served in true Caribbean style with coconut slaw, rice, and peas. You'll find the textures and flavors in perfect harmony, and it's just the kind of good food that'll make you dance in Melbourne's laneways.

And if you see cassava chips on the menu, order them without a second thought! This root vegetable is a delicious alternative to potatoes and pairs superbly with smoky jerk dishes.

Chew on That

Melbourne, Australia, has taken us on a delectable journey through street food markets filled with crispy delights and international flavors. The world of Melbourne street food is waiting, bursting with everything from gelato to toasties, from Vietnamese elegance to Greek grandeur. Grab a fork, and let's eat!

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