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Ready to be dazzled and wined, dined, and dazzled some more? Then grab those stretchy pants because we’re heading to London's Borough Market, where a blend of traditional British and exotic international flavors awaits you. Positioned right by London Bridge and Southwark Street, Borough Market is more than a food market. 

This place is a celebration of food stalls and street food, bursting with energy from early morning till late afternoon. This open food market reflects London’s rich culinary culture, ranging from English classics to Indian, Mexican, and Mediterranean delights. The gourmet goat or a tantalizing taco — it’s all there, and it's calling your name.

The History of Borough Market

So you want to dine with the best of them? Then, you need to know where you’re feasting. Let’s take a moment to dish on Borough Market’s history, starting from the charming streets of Southwark. 

Once a market on London Bridge, is now transformed into a foodie's paradise, filled with English flavors and rich heritage. Borough Market has always been a hub of food traders and butchers, selling their prime cuts to the elite of London. 

Today, Neal’s Yard Dairy, Stoney Street market stalls, and the flavors of Northern Europe continue to thrive. It's an evolution, darling, of taste and tradition. Dive into the richness, from the earliest mention in 1014 to the transformation in the 19th century with glass and iron structures. It's a legacy to savor.

And savor you will! Let’s talk about the best food vendors, stalls, and places to eat within Borough Market.

Richard Hawards Oysters

Get ready to dive into the glitzy world of oysters, honey, because Richard Hawards Oysters are serving a glamorous experience. Think of them as the Beyoncé of Borough Market — always on top and absolutely fabulous! 

With roots back to the 1700s in Mersea Island, Essex, this little Borough Market hot spot serves up to 12,000 oysters a week. Now that's a party you want an invite to! 

You might not be an oyster aficionado yet, but their oyster-shucking demonstrations are the gateway to your new obsession. If you want a taste at home, you can take away and delight in the saltwater sensations. 

With a legacy spanning seven generations, the Haward family's tradition is calling, and honey, it's a call you need to answer. 

Monmouth Coffee

Let’s spill the tea, or should we say coffee? Monmouth has been making coffee lovers’ dreams come true since 1978. They work closely with single farms and estates to find the best-tasting coffee beans, ensuring that farmers receive fair trade. London SE1 is calling, and it’s time for your caffeine fix! 

From freshly roasted beans to delectable doughnuts, Monmouth has something for every coffee connoisseur. Their dedication to quality and ethical sourcing resonates in each cup. So take a moment, sit back, and let Monmouth’s aromatic world unfold around you.

The Ginger Pig

Sausages, pastries, and meats, oh my! Welcome to The Ginger Pig, the home of possibly the best sausage rolls in London. But that's not all, sweetie. This stall is known for slow-reared meat, cold cuts, and all that mouthwatering goodness. Salads, pastries, and even salt beef — The Ginger Pig serves them all. 

Every bite is a celebration of quality and tradition, made fresh at Borough Market. Whether you're taking it away or savoring it on the spot, it’s all about the rich taste and top-notch ingredients. A little pro tip: don't leave without trying their delectable pork pies. They truly are a flavor-packed tribute to British culinary craft!


If you’ve never had an empanada before, then you are missing out. But fret not; Porteña is here to satisfy your cravings. With an impressive steak sandwich and a host of empanadas, including beef, ham and cheese, chicken, spinach and ricotta, and provolone, Porteña brings the heat and passion of Argentina to London. 

Each bite is full of tradition and flavors. This amazing empanada stall, located right next to Richard Hawards Oysters, is a must-visit. If you feel like empanadas are a little too far removed from England geographically to possibly be good in London, think again — similar to the traditional British pasty, Borough Market really does have these little pastry parcels of deliciousness on lock.


Kappacasein is taking Raclette from the ski slopes to the bustling streets of Stoney Street. Owner Bill Oglethorpe's mastery is a spectacle, scraping bubbling hot Raclette cheese onto plates piled high with new potatoes. 

And their toasted cheese sandwiches? Divine! Cheese toasties are a time-honored and much-loved part of British cuisine, so you can't go wrong when you combine that with the oh-so-savory, perfectly complex umami flavors of cheese originating in the Alps. Add some pickles and potatoes on the side covered in ooey, gooey cheesy goodness, and you’ve got a feast to remember.

The Humble Crumble

Here’s where you get to have your crumble and eat it, too. The Humble Crumble offers seasonal flavors with a touch of nostalgia. Founder and head baker Kim Innes is not just about delicious crumbles; she's committed to sustainability. 

Using ethically sourced ingredients, the stall offers crumble bundles ready to bake at home, complete with clotted vanilla ice cream or extra thick double cream. Vanilla custard, pillowy meringue, and torched toppings bring the irreplaceable warmth and comfort of a well-made crumble. 

You’ll be back for more, guaranteed. What sets them apart is the revival of old-fashioned flavors, blending time-honored recipes with modern panache. So make sure you save room for dessert!


Honey, are you ready to transport your taste buds to Spain? Brindisa, a Borough Market classic, is where you'll find the best chorizo roll in London. Although Brindisa has a sit-down location right next to Borough Market, it’s their takeaway chorizo roll that we’re really here for.

Each roll, filled with spicy chorizo, sweet pepper, and fresh rocket in a cloud-like white bun, is a sensational bite of Spanish culture. While it may be our favorite, don’t stop at the chorizo roll; explore their tapas selection, showcasing flavors and aromas straight from the Spanish coast. 

Jamón Ibérico, seafood paella, and manchego cheese — you name it, Brindisa will make it delicious, put it on a small plate, and call it tapas. For a mini Spanish escape in the heart of London, you simply must indulge in this vibrant food stall. 


A name synonymous with passion, flavor, and oh-so-long lines! This quaint pasta restaurant is the starlet of Borough Market, turning heads with handmade pasta like Tagliarini and Cavatelli. But it's not just the pasta, although it is homemade and fresh at all times, which is a serious bonus. 

Their sauces are incredible, the flavor profiles complex and savory, and they have a drinks selection that will help complete the transportation from London to a villa somewhere deep in the Italian countryside.

And yes, we weren’t joking about the lines — if you don’t have a reservation, you may find yourself with something of a wait. That said, there’s nothing more British than queueing, so think of it as a bonus experience of the local culture to precede your sumptuous meal.

The Wright Brothers

Seafood connoisseurs will feel right at home with The Wright Brothers. Their vast menu encompasses delights like oysters, lobster, fish pie, and more, each served with finesse. Taste their moules mariniere or the half-grilled lobster, and you'll understand why this place is a gem in Borough Market. 

While the standard go-to for British seafood tends to be fish and chips — and you can get that here and then some — it’s worth noting that, in general, the Brits love their seafood. And they know how to prepare it. 

The wine selection, curated to elevate your seafood experience, adds sparkle to the affair. With a view of the Thames and rich nautical heritage, Wright Brothers is the chic seafood haven that London's been craving. 

The Final Course

Well, aren't you the lucky one? You've just tasted your way through the culinary delight that is Borough Market. This bustling marketplace is your golden ticket to the world's flavors, from the exotic oysters of Richard Hawards to the tantalizing pastries and Thai delights. 

There's an adventure at every stall, whether it's the Spanish escapade at Brindisa or the sweet, sweet allure of The Humble Crumble. And this is just a tiny taste of what Borough Market has to offer. 

Whether you want to taste many different world cuisines all in one spot, are looking for the perfect cup of coffee, or need to fill your basket with fresh, local ingredients to cook up a British feast at home, Borough Market has everything you could ever want and more. Just make sure you bring your appetite!


Richard Hawards Oysters


The Ginger Pig

The Humble Crumble


The Wright Brothers

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