Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Portland

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Alright, plant-based pioneers and veggie virtuosos, get ready to embark on a tasty expedition through the vegan and vegetarian-friendly wilds of Portland, Oregon. This is a city where even the trees might be whispering vegan recipes, and street art could probably give you advice on plant-based living.

So, tie on your cruelty-free, recycled-material aprons, and slip into your vegan leather kicks; it's time to nibble and nosh your way through the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants of this funky foodie city, from Thai noodles to burritos and beyond.

Voodoo Doughnut: Killer Vegan Donuts in PDX

Situated in the heart of downtown, Voodoo Doughnuts is an iconic Portland staple that screams quirkiness louder than a mismatched pair of socks. Here, the doughnuts are nothing short of eccentric works of art.

"But wait, are these tasty toroids truly vegan-friendly?" I hear you cry. You bet your vegan booties they are! Voodoo Doughnuts offers an entire array of sensational, mouth-watering gluten-free and vegan options that are so insanely delicious, they’ll make you forget that anything else ever existed.

Baked fresh daily, these are doughnuts with a soul - no eggs, no dairy, just pure plant-based deliciousness. The true magic of Voodoo Doughnuts, though, lies in its commitment to inclusivity. Vegan or not, everyone is welcome to enjoy a taste of their unique creations.

So go ahead, indulge your inner doughnut devil. After all, you're not just in Portland for the greens, are you?

Mis Tacones Mexican Restaurant: Empanadas, Tacos, and More

Step into a saucy, spicy culinary fiesta at Mis Tacones, the sizzling sensation sweeping through the heart of Portland! With its playful vibrance and flavor profiles bolder than your last break-up, this taco joint is reinventing the Tex-Mex scene one tortilla at a time.

Fiesta in the front, fiesta in the back, Mis Tacones brings out the sassy senorita or suave señor in everyone, spinning your tastebuds in a salsa dance that'll leave you begging for an encore! You'll be head over (taco) heels for their fiercely fresh ingredients, tantalizingly tangy salsas, and sexy slow-cooked meats.

Raise your margarita to the maverick making vegan options downright mouthwatering. Say hello to plant-based choices so good, they'll make you forget meat was even a thing.

So, buckle up, foodies! Mis Tacones is here to turn your Tex-Mex world upside down. And remember, life's too short for boring food. Say 'adios' to the mundane and 'hola' to a whole lot of sabor!

Dirty Lettuce: The Big Easy Comes to PDX

Get down and plant-based with Dirty Lettuce, the audacious eatery that's serving up vegan Cajun and Creole as you've never seen before in the heart of Portland! Boldly embracing the paradox of clean-eating indulgence, this sassy spot is giving comfort food a vegan makeover that even carnivores can't resist.

Their etouffee and po' boys will make you holler, "holy tofu!" while the jambalaya dances on your tongue like Mardi Gras in your mouth. Oh, and did we mention their gumbo? It's a symphony of flavors that'll make your taste buds second line all the way to the Big Easy.


Put on your favorite cozy sweater and slip into a comforting culinary embrace at Sweedeedee, a heartwarming vegan restaurant tucked in the arms of Portland! This quirky haven is serving up home-style vegan food and a dollop of nostalgia, like a love letter to your grandma's kitchen.

With an aesthetic as delightfully mismatched as your socks on laundry day, Sweedeedee spins the homey and familiar into the extraordinary. Their wholesome and hearty breakfasts will have you rising and shining brighter than a Portland summer day, while the lunch menu is a straight-up love song to the art of sandwich making.

Salt and Straw: Creative Ice Cream With a Stellar Vegan Menu

Twirl into the sweet, quirky universe of Salt & Straw, Portland’s gourmet ice cream parlor, with an adventurous heart! Serving scoops so creative they'll make Picasso look like a paint-by-numbers, this Alberta neighborhood spot is churning up the ice cream game with irresistible gusto.

Step into a delightfully offbeat dreamscape where flavors like Honey Lavender and Pear & Blue Cheese aren't just reality – they're a revelation! Every lick is a lick of discovery, a ride on the taste-bud teeter-totter between sweet familiarity and audacious innovation.

And darling, don't even get us started on their seasonal specials. Crafted with locally sourced ingredients, these rotating beauties will have you counting down the days till the next drop like it's the ice cream Oscars.

Blossoming Lotus: Vegetarian Food Made With Love

Unfold your senses at Blossoming Lotus, Portland's charming oasis of gourmet vegan and raw cuisine! Every bite of the vegetarian options here is a symphony of fresh, organic ingredients playing in perfect harmony, celebrating Mother Earth's bounty in the most deliciously creative ways.

At Blossoming Lotus, you'll dance on the tantalizing tightrope between comfort food and culinary innovation. Dive into an ever-evolving menu where dishes like Live Nachos and BBQ Tempeh plates are more than meals – they're an enlightening experience that even the most devoted carnivores can't deny.

Their Sunday brunch is a beacon of brightness that'll give your morning the glow-up it deserves, while their daily Happy Hour invites you to sip on delightful cocktails and nibble on scrumptious bites that will surely turn any day into a celebration.

Mama Dut: A Standout Asian Portland Restaurant

Savor a soulful spoonful of love at Mama Dut, the heart of Portland's vibrant vegan scene! Serving up a fusion of Asian comfort foods with a plant-based twist, this hip hotspot is rewriting the vegan playbook in the most delectable ways.

Get ready to fall head over heels for their bountiful bowls that brim with fresh, organic ingredients and flavors so authentic, they'll whisk you on a culinary journey across Asia without leaving the city limits. From tantalizing Thai curries to their mouth-watering Vietnamese Phở, every bite at Mama Dut is a celebration of flavor and conscious eating.

Harlow: Clean Eats in PDX

Glide into the radiant, healthful embrace of Harlow, Portland's treasured sanctuary of clean, conscious eating! Located in the vibrant heart of the city on Hawthorne, this wellness-focused hotspot is whipping up plates so lush and flavorful, they'll have you falling in love with every nourishing bite.

At Harlow, you can expect a parade of nutrient-dense, plant-based dishes that make eating well feel like a decadent delight. Revel in vibrant bowls filled with fresh local produce, or get cozy with their hearty, gluten-free comfort foods. Their standout Jackfruit Quinoa Tacos and heavenly Chipotle Chili Bowl will make your taste buds dance with delight!

Oh, and did we mention their intoxicating smoothie and juice bar? From the energy-boosting Squirrel Nut smoothie to the revitalizing Radiant Green juice, these liquid marvels are a full-blown sensory experience. Plus, their dedicated menu of wellness shots ensures you get that daily dose of health in the most delicious way possible.

The Bye and Bye: Vegan Small Plates at a Trendy Bar

Kick back and toast to the good life at The Bye and Bye, the most irresistible, eclectic nook in PDX’s bustling vegan bar scene! With its funky decor and laid-back charm, this hip hideaway takes the concept of plant-based pub grub and kicks it up into a stratosphere of flavor and fun.

Delight in their unique menu that turns comfort food on its head. Savor lip-smacking plates like the BBQ Brussel Bowl or the Eastsider Sandwich, so indulgent that you'll be planning your next visit before your first bite is even swallowed. The soy curls in BBQ sauce and fried seitan will have you drooling!

And did we mention the cocktails? They're colorful concoctions that are just as refreshing as they are Instagrammable!

The Sudra: Vegan Indian Done Right

Take a flavorful leap into the kaleidoscope of Indian cuisine with a plant-based twist at The Sudra, Portland's shining star on the vegan food scene! Nestled in the city's bustling heart, this chic eatery is spinning traditional Indian dishes into healthful, vegan works of edible art.

Get ready for a taste-venture where every bite is a burst of bright, bold, and beautiful flavors. Indulge in dishes like Kofta with creamy coconut-tomato curry or their infamous Gunpowder Dosas that'll make your taste buds sing an ecstatic tune of “more, please!”

Their radiant, earthy ambiance is as inviting as a warm embrace, perfect for lingering lunches or cozy dinners. At The Sudra, it's more than just food; it's a journey toward sustainability, community, and unparalleled flavor.

Homegrown Smoker: Crispy and Delicious Vegan BBQ

Ready for a barbecue revelation? Meet Homegrown Smoker, the trailblazing vegan joint that's making Portland the capital of plant-based BBQ! 🌿🍖 This is where the traditional smoky, tangy goodness of Southern barbecue meets innovative vegan cuisine to create a finger-licking foodie phenomenon.

Buckle up for an epic feast where every bite is a symphony of bold flavors and hearty textures. Smoky tempeh ribs, dairy-free mac-no-cheese, and the legendary “SloSmoMoFo” sandwich are just some of the sizzling stars in their all-vegan lineup.

Set in a chill, rustic atmosphere, Homegrown Smoker is the perfect hangout spot for foodies of all stripes. It's a testament to the magical possibilities of plant-based eating and a joyous celebration of food that's as good for the planet as it is delicious.

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up this epic culinary tour, it's clear that Portland is more than just a city – it's a veritable playground for plant-based gastronomy! From the audacious innovation of Homegrown Smoker's barbecue to the soulful, hearty fare at Mama Dut, PDX is pioneering the vegan food scene in ways that both comfort the heart and challenge the palate. And don’t forget to check for vegan and vegetarian food trucks and food carts! 


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