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Welcome to the heart of Southwark, London, where Borough Market — a foodie's paradise — awaits exploring. Picture vibrant street food, bustling London Bridge area shops, an array of international flavors, and, most importantly, a delectable selection of beverages waiting for you. While Borough Market may be a go-to for delicious takeaways, snacks, and meals, it’s also full of beverages waiting for you to take the first sip.

Whether craft beer or classic British tea, olive oil-infused cocktails or French wine, everything's served with a sprinkle of charm. This market offers so many different ways to tantalize your taste buds and experience all of the amazing flavors — or should we say flavours — that not just London but the whole of Europe and beyond have to offer. 

Let’s talk about some of our favorite drinks you can get at this thriving market.

A Mocha From the Colombian Coffee Company

Let’s cut to the chase. The Colombian Coffee Company offers all of the standard coffee options, and while they’re excellent, we recommend that you go straight to the mocha. The Colombian Coffee Company in the vibrant Borough Market embodies much more than a regular coffee shop. Eduardo Florez's team brews the spirit of Colombia into every cup. 

The mochas combine the richness of high-quality coffee with melted Colombian chocolate, giving a taste that's anything but ordinary. Along with the indulgence comes a profound connection to the well-being of communities affected by a long-standing civil war, as the company invests profits into local social projects. It's not just a taste but a story of hope and resilience that reaches far beyond Southwark Street.

Spice Up Your Life With the Diablito From El Pastor

A visit to Stoney Street in the lively Borough Market area leads you to El Pastor, a temple for those with a passion for Mexican food. With a culinary spread that easily establishes El Pastor as having the best Mexican food in London, the place lights up with authentic flavors and aromas. 

London may have been a bit of a desert for Mexican food for many years, but fans of the cuisine will be lighted by this Borough Market outfit that changes that for good. With a wide selection of mezcal and knowledgeable servers eager to tell you everything you need to know to make the right selection and a list of delectable cocktails, if you want a drink, look no further than El Pastor. 

In our humble opinion, the show's real star is their Diablito Margarita. It’s a spicy yet savory blend of El Jimador Reposado, Ancho Reyes, Ayuuk, lime juice, agave, and just the right amount of jalapeño brine. Add a tajin rim, and you’re in heaven.

If the Market Sells It, We Juice It

In the heart of the bustling Borough Market, at the Green Market, to be exact, you'll find We Juice It, a refreshing oasis catering to your every craving. Here, mornings transform with the color and zest of fresh juices like carrot, apple, and ginger. Imagine the sun rising over London Bridge and shining on a menu that changes with the seasons, aligned with your whims and desires. 

Each glass contains a fusion of vitality, health, and the best local produce that the market has to offer, squeezed fresh each morning. Looking for a pro tip? The wheatgrass shots are a revelation, darling. They’re so tasty you’ll forget that they’re also wildly good for you.

Mix It Up With the East London Liquor Company

The East London Liquor Co., tucked away near Southwark Street, is reviving UK spirit production and transforming it. Using one hundred percent British wheat, the innovative team at Rochester Walk, led by the visionary Alex Wolpert, crafts each bottle with English elegance and a touch of the unexpected. 

From the distillation process, which visitors are welcome to explore, to the philosophy that makes this company uniquely engaging, every detail counts. Alongside their own locally produced and fairly priced spirits, they feature hand-crafted whiskies, rums, gins, and vodkas from trusted suppliers around the world. 

Whether you're an aficionado or just starting your journey, a trip here is an eye-opening immersion into the world of craft spirits. You can’t, strictly speaking, drink the East London Liquor Company’s wares in the market, but they’re great to take home with you if you want to give your bar an upgrade.

It’s All About the Pairing — Oysters and Wine

Oysters and wine, a timeless pairing, finds its perfection at Richard Haward's oyster cultivation. For over 200 years, the Haward family has nurtured the Salcott Creek, cultivating Colchester native and Gigas oysters. 

You can relish a plate of oysters and benefit from this history and expertise right in Borough Market. When paired with wine or prosecco, it elevates the taste of these bivalves, making it one of the best sips in the market. It's an indulgence that transports you to the west of Mersea Island, Essex.

Italian DOP Vegan Organic Wine From Bianca Mora

Step into the world of Italian sophistication with Bianca Mora's vegan, organic wine right in the heart of Borough Market. The stall is a treasure trove of Italian delicacies, such as red cow parmigiano-reggiano and aged balsamic vinegars, all sourced from small farms in northern Italy. 

Their wines, many with DOP status, showcase the essence of Italian tradition and quality. This stall offers a full Italian culinary experience.

The wines, many bearing the revered DOP status, showcase the pinnacle of Italian viticulture. Italian DOP status is like the VIP section of the culinary world. 

It stands for "Denominazione di Origine Protetta," which is Italian for "Protected Designation of Origin." If you see this label on your food, honey, it means it is made using traditional methods and ingredients sourced from a specific region. More than a guarantee of quality, it's a glittering stamp of authenticity. 

Traditional Cider and Perry from The Cider House

The Cider House beckons the cider enthusiasts with a welcoming smile. The founders, three cider makers and a cider merchant, have cultivated a haven for cider lovers. 

With an ever-changing menu featuring the likes of New Forest Cider to Oliver's Cider and Perry, served by the glass to drink in or by the bottle to take home, they offer you a chance to discover your new favorite. 

The collection is carefully cultivated, offering you an unparalleled opportunity to taste the best of British cider. While cider in your hometown may be something you think of as being tooth-achingly sweet and not-so-drinkable, British cider tends to be perfectly dry and crisp. 

It’s refreshing on a hot summer’s day, yet feels perfectly nourishing and hearty come cooler temps. Basically, it’s the answer to Britain’s variable weather in a bottle, and you shouldn’t skip it.

Tea Time With Tea2You

At Borough Market, Tea2You is offering an invitation to travel to the tea gardens of Northeast India right from this market in Bermondsey. Ratan Mondal, the dedicated owner, curates a unique tea experience. With a selection of the finest teas, including white, green, black, oolong, and masala chai, he connects you with sustainability and ethically-minded gardens. 

The authenticity flows in every cup, a warm and fragrant blend that speaks to the soul. By purchasing one of their tote bags, you're also embracing a cause, supporting education for the children of tea garden workers in Darjeeling. In a country known for its tea culture, there’s nothing more fitting than experiencing a cuppa all your own!

Specialist Beer From Utobeer

For the beer aficionados, Utobeer awaits at Borough Market's floral hall. This independent specialist beer shop is the ideal venue to quench your thirst or can act as a hub for exploration if you want to try something new. Offering a vast selection of over 700 beers and ciders from craft breweries, both local favorites and international discoveries, it caters to every beer palate. 

Adjacent to it is The Rake, a small pub owned by Utobeer. It’s some of the best food at the market to go with the beer and a welcome break from the typical wine bar offerings that otherwise dominate the area. 

You can indulge in small plates of international food or explore the uncharted territories of cheese from Neal's Yard Dairy, all paired with the finest ales. This is where London's thriving craft beer culture comes to life, a place to explore, savor, and fall in love with beer all over again.

Ale’s Well That Ends Well

The Borough Market in London is a treasure trove of food and beverages, embracing flavors from around the world, from Spanish tapas to French charcuterie. With an unparalleled selection of everything from craft beer and organic wine to rich coffee and fresh juices, there's a taste for every palate. 

In this bustling food market near Southwark Street and the Shard, you may come for the food — but you should stay for the drinks, or at least use them to elevate your nibbles to the next level as you move through one of our favorite London markets.


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