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Charleston, South Carolina, effortlessly mingles history with charm and wraps it all up with a generous helping of culinary delights. Now, gather around, my lovelies, because we have a secret to spill — when it comes to brunch, Charleston struts on the gastronomic runway like no other. From simple French toast to Eggs Benedict, fluffy waffles and fried chicken, avocado toast, and more, there’s something about Sunday brunch that soothes the soul (and the stomach).

Shake off that hangover and come hungry because we're about to embark on a fabulous tour of Charleston's vibrant Lowcountry brunch scene. It’s the best way to start your day with a bang and sleep in on the weekend, so we don’t really have to do much more justifying why you should hit the brunch scene in Charleston, STAT, do we?

The Daily

Our first stop on this scrumptious journey is The Daily, a place that's earned its reputation by transforming the basic kitchen into the extraordinary. Tucked away in a bustling neighborhood, The Daily is your go-to place for all things hip and delightfully tasty. 

The menu reads like a culinary anthology, brimming with diverse offerings that bring together the freshest of local ingredients. You'll find dishes that tickle your taste buds and tease your senses, each one a splendid masterpiece that makes you go, "Mmm…that’s divine!"

But what's a brunch without some fabulous beverages? Whether you're looking for something to kick start your day, like a house-made coffee, or a rejuvenating juice to keep the midday slump at bay, The Daily serves it up with flair. 

But remember, good things do not come to those who wait, lazy bones. They come to those who rise early. Get your chic self there pronto — the Instagram-worthy aesthetics and the divine food are well worth the early rise.

Millers All Day

Our next stop is a place that marries nostalgia with gastronomy in the perfect union: Millers All Day on King Street. From the moment you step into the dining room, you'll feel as though you've walked into a vintage postcard. It's a dash of the past mixed with the energy of the present, making it a brunch spot that’s simultaneously retro and relevant. 

The menu at this King St., Charleston brunch spot is a tribute to comfort food, but not the kind you whip up in your kitchen on a lazy Sunday. No, dear, this is comfort food with a twist — a dash of daring, a pinch of pizzazz, and a whole lot of flavor. 

And if you love the idea of brunch dishes but can’t get into mornings, you’ll be thrilled to learn that these fabulous offerings are served all day. No matter how late you rise or how ravenous your midday hunger is, Millers has you covered with a delightful dish and a smile. 

Edmund's Oast

If you thought brunch couldn’t get any more theatrical, wait till you step into Edmund's Oast. This brunch restaurant takes dining and turns it into a full-blown spectacle, with a tantalizing brunch menu and an exceptional selection of beverages and brunch cocktails. You'll find plates here that are bold, exciting, and unapologetically unique — a reflection of Charleston's vibrant culinary scene.

The ambiance of Edmund's Oast is just as noteworthy. It's where rustic charm meets modern elegance, creating a backdrop that's as unforgettable as the food itself. 

To take your brunch experience up a notch, be sure to secure an outdoor table. There, under the soft Charleston sun, you can partake in some people-watching as you sip on a tantalizing beverage, making it an experience that's far more Broadway than buffet.

Daps Breakfast | Imbibe

Next on our list is a spot that takes breakfast very seriously — Daps Breakfast | Imbibe. Situated in a trendy nook of the city, Daps is a must-try that has won the hearts of locals and tourists alike with its innovative approach to the most important meal of the day. 

Daps is all about putting the fun back into breakfast, turning it into a culinary carnival of sorts. The food is playful, inspired, and exudes creativity. Not to mention, Daps doesn’t include “imbibe” in its name for nothing! Each beverage is thoughtfully crafted, turning simple ingredients into an experience.

If you like your brunches to feel more like a party, then the easy-going, upbeat, and full-of-energy vibes you get at Daps will make you feel right at home. Pro tip — try to snag a seat at the bar; it’s like getting a front-row ticket to all the action. 

Jackrabbit Filly

Fasten your seat belts because our brunch train is taking a detour to the East with Jackrabbit Filly. Bringing an Asian flair to the Southern brunch scene, this North Charleston spot is all about serving up specialties and breaking the mold. 

You'll find dishes that are a brilliant marriage of East meets South, each one a testament to culinary fusion at its finest. 

The vibe at Jackrabbit Filly is just as playful as its food. It's vibrant, it's inviting, and it exudes an infectious energy that makes you want to linger a little longer. Jackrabbit Filly isn't just about dining; it's about making memories. For a brunch that’s as delightful as it is different, Jackrabbit Filly is your go-to spot.


If you want to visit a place where Southern elegance finds expression through food, then Magnolias in downtown Charleston needs a place on your schedule. Magnolias is an upscale eatery that serves up the South on a platter with style, grace, and a generous dash of creativity. 

Magnolias knows how to add a twist to the classic brunch, transforming familiar favorites into culinary couture. And with an upscale, elegant ambiance and setting, a brunch at Magnolias is like dining with the queen, so it’s the perfect spot if you’re putting together an affair to remember!

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

Home to the most delicious biscuits we’ve ever tasted and host to our favorite restaurant name yet, Callie's Hot Little Biscuit is known for its iconic biscuits. Each hot little roll is a love letter to Southern comfort food, baked fresh and served warm. With locations in Upper King and City Market, this is a must-try on your Charleston list.

These aren't just any biscuits, dear — they're fluffy pieces of heaven that take you on a sensory journey right back to grandma's kitchen.

Pair these heartwarming biscuits with a selection of equally enticing comfort foods, and you've got a brunch that feels like a warm hug on a lazy Sunday. Any time is a good time for a bite of comfort at this Charleston restaurant, but if you like to play 4D chess, give Callie’s a call before you arrive and get an ETA on when the next batch of biscuits will be coming out of the oven.

The Park Cafe

The Park Cafe is a scenic little venue that’s about as green as it gets in every sense of the word. With a firm belief in the farm-to-table philosophy, The Park Cafe is all about keeping it local with fresh veggies and seafood. They offer a menu that's as refreshing as a morning stroll through a farmer's market, filled with flavors that celebrate the bounty of the season.

The vibe at The Park Cafe is like an extension of the park itself — relaxed, rejuvenating, and brimming with life. The outdoor seating is a brunch lover's paradise, offering the perfect setting to enjoy a leisurely meal under the Charleston sun. 

The Obstinate Daughter

Now that we’ve strolled through the city and become one with nature by having brunch in the park, it’s time for a change of scenery. Let’s hit the beach with The Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan’s Island.

This laid-back eatery exudes beachside charm, with a seafood-centric menu that pays homage to the ocean's bounty. Charleston is packed with brilliant seafood restaurants and fresh catches that make this area of the city’s cuisine really stand out, so combining that expertise with brunch is the move, darlings. 

At The Obstinate Daughter, brunch becomes a seaside adventure, taking your taste buds on a flavorful voyage beneath the waves. Relaxed, warm, and filled with a sense of laid-back luxury, you’ll immediately feel right at home. Add a generous helping of their famous Southern hospitality, and you've got a brunch experience that's as delightful as a day at the beach. Dive in; the water's fine!

It’s Time To Brunch Out

As we’ve always said, the early bird catches the mimosa…Luckily, when it comes to brunch, you don’t have to rise and shine at the crack of dawn. Whether you want small plates like grits, a breakfast sandwich, fried eggs and a bloody Mary, or crab cakes in an upscale dining room, Charleston has something for you. 

There’s nothing better than having a relaxing weekend morning after a long week or a wild night and then taking a leisurely trip through sunny Austin to a brunch spot with all your nearest and dearest.

And if you’re traveling to a new city like Charleston, working brunch into the schedule is a great way to add an extra meal time to your itinerary so that you can experience even more of the delicious food this vibrant city has to offer. What are you waiting for? Remember what we said about the mimosas!


The Daily

Millers All Day

Edmund's Oast

Daps Breakfast | Imbibe

Jackrabbit Filly

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

The Obstinate Daughter


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