The Best Coffee Shops in Mexico City

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Hola, darling coffee connoisseurs! Can you feel the sun's warmth, hear the vibrant sounds, and smell the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee? 

Yes, you've just landed in the heart of Mexico City — a metropolis teeming with delectable coffee shops waiting for your discovery. Each vibrant neighborhood, from the trendy Condesa and eclectic Roma Norte to the traditional Juárez and bustling Centro, boasts its unique charms, blending history, culture, and of course, our star attraction: the coffee. 

This journey is tailor-made for those looking for a barista-crafted, exceptional cup of joe in the City of Palaces. Are you ready, espresso enthusiast? Vamos!

1. Buna

Ah, Condesa, the heart of CDMX's hipster scene. Nestled among leafy avenues and stunning Art Deco architecture, you'll find Buna — an all-time favorite among local and visiting digital nomads. This coffee shop has an infectious energy, buzzing with creative minds huddled over laptops. But is Buna worth the hype?

Short answer: yes, yes, and also yes. Buna serves some of the most delicious, freshly roasted Mexican coffee and provides a comfortable environment — think cozy outdoor seating and free wifi. 

This place radiates a love for sustainability, sourcing its beans directly from the farmers in Chiapas, Veracruz, and Oaxaca. Whether you're here for a casual afternoon latte or seeking refuge with a comforting cup of coffee after exploring Condesa, Buna is the spot for you. 

2. Blend Station

On to the cosmopolitan district of Juárez, where culture, fashion, and the arts intertwine. Amid this rich tapestry, Blend Station emerges as a diamond in the rough. This isn't just a coffee shop, either — Blend Station offers a banging brunch to compliment their luscious brews, so if you need some food alongside your coffee to beat that hangover, you’re in luck. 

And let’s talk about the coffee, honey! The passionate baristas at Blend Station are true coffee artists, handling their beans with respect and showcasing a plethora of brewing methods that result in a truly transformative cup of coffee. Blend Station is your answer if you're curious about what a great coffee shop in Mexico City looks like.

3. Café Avellaneda

Take a walk to the heart of Coyoacán, a neighborhood that captures the authentic spirit of Mexican heritage. Among the colorful houses and charming plazas, you'll discover Café Avellaneda, an enchanting haven for coffee lovers with high standards and even higher caffeine tolerances. 

It’s a place where baristas seem more like chemists, mixing and concocting the perfect cup with precision and care. Every coffee is a story, a narrative about its origin, the meticulous roasting process, and the love poured into each cup. 

Their selection of Mexican coffee is impressive, from the highlands of Chiapas to the fertile plains of Veracruz. Café Avellaneda encapsulates the spirit of Mexican coffee culture and is the place to be if you wish to uncover the soul of Coyoacán, one sip at a time. 

4. Qūentin Cafe

Now, sweetie, let's strut into Roma Norte, an area that's all the buzz with its eclectic mix of classic and contemporary charm, to uncover the treasure of Qūentin Café. This gem of a coffee shop embodies the soul of the neighborhood — stylish yet understated, with a unique hipster flare that's just too irresistible to pass up. 

At Qūentin Café, they elevate coffee into an art form. The baristas here pull their espresso shots masterfully, crafting each cup with love and finesse. 

It's no surprise that coffee aficionados flock here for their caffeine fix, darling. Their commitment to sourcing high-quality Mexican coffee beans and the passion with which they serve every cup is evident in each sip.

And the ambiance? Chic, well-lit space where rustic meets contemporary, filled with cozy nooks perfect for digital nomads or those seeking a moment of solitude. The vibe is effortlessly cool, mirroring the trendy streets of Roma Norte, making Qūentin Café not just a coffee shop but a quintessential part of the neighborhood. 

5. Chiquitito Café

The historic neighborhood of Cuauhtémoc is full of charming Spanish-style buildings and bustling avenues, making it a delight for the eyes on your way to the next charming little spot — Chiquitito Café. The name means "very small" in Spanish, but don’t be fooled, darling. When it comes to flavor and charm, this place is anything but small.

They celebrate the essence of Mexican coffee at Chiquitito, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The beans are sourced from the lush regions of Chiapas and Veracruz, and they sure know how to brew a mean cup of coffee. 

The enticing aroma of their delicious cold brew can lure any passerby into their cozy café. Not a fan of cold brew? Fear not; the variety of coffee drinks they offer will undoubtedly leave you spoiled for choice. 

Chiquitito Café, with its intimate setting and friendly baristas, invites you to slow down, unwind, and immerse yourself in the rich Mexican coffee culture. It's a little oasis of calm and warmth in the bustling heart of Cuauhtémoc. So, are we meeting there for our next coffee date?

6. Café Nin

Polanco is known as Mexico City's most glamorous district, with its chic boutiques, sophisticated restaurants, and of course, Café Nin. This café is a nod to French elegance amidst a backdrop of Mexican tradition. It’s a fusion that works surprisingly well, just like the perfect blend of coffee.

Café Nin stands out as one of the best coffee shops in Polanco for its high-quality, locally sourced coffee, an impressive variety of coffee drinks, and an environment that screams “luxury.” It's not your run-of-the-mill coffee shop; it's a slice of Parisian charm right in the heart of Polanco. 

What's more, their roaster sits in full view, creating an enchanting spectacle as the coffee beans dance in the machine before landing in your cup. With their intricate coffee crafting skills, the baristas ensure that every latte served is nothing short of perfection. 

But it's not just about the coffee. The high ceilings, stylish décor, and vibrant energy filling the space make this spot well worth a visit. If you're seeking a unique coffee experience in Polanco, Café Nin is calling your name. And who are we to resist, right?

7. Almanegra

Alright, darling, let's switch gears and wander into Roma Nte, a district that's positively brimming with energy. Here, we discover Almanegra — a coffee haven that combines traditional Spanish influences with an undeniable hipster charm. Whether you’re after specialty coffee or just delicious coffee in la Ciudad de México, you’re in luck at Almanegra.

The baristas at Almanegra know their beans and brews like no other. Each cup of coffee is a celebration of flavors, from the full-bodied espresso to the velvety smooth latte, each made with love and finesse. And let’s not forget the matcha options for those of you looking for an alternative pick-me-up.

Inside, Almanegra's décor whispers of modern urbanity, offset by charming wooden accents and an ambiance that's as warm as a cup of their finest brew. There's an infectious vibrancy here that matches the bustling streets of Roma Nte. When you step into Almanegra, you're not just entering a café but a place that embodies the spirit of its neighborhood.

8. Cucurucho

Take a relaxing stroll down yet another stunning avenida in this vibrant city on your search for good coffee as we take a caffeine-fueled detour into the heart of Mexico City — the Centro Histórico. As its name suggests, this district is rich in history and charm, and it's here that we find Cucurucho, a coffee marvel.

Cucurucho proudly champions the artisan roaster, turning the simple act of brewing into a theatrical performance. Every sip of their coffee — be it a robust drip, a sophisticated mocha, or a complex pour-over — explores their mastery over the bean. These connoisseurs respect the journey from the coffee farm in Chiapas or Veracruz to the roaster and finally to your cup.

Let's not forget the ambiance! Imagine chic interiors, comfortable seating, and a friendly atmosphere that invites you in to sit, unwind, and lose yourself in the world of great coffee. If you're eager to experience the essence of Centro Histórico's coffee culture, Cucurucho awaits.

Your Daily Grind Never Tasted So Good

We've admired the artistry of baristas, tasted the love in every cup, and reveled in the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed Mexican coffee. If you want to tour the best cafes in Mexico city, this list is where you should start.

Each café is a reflection of its neighborhood, intertwining local culture, history, and, of course, our shared love for coffee. And finding the coffee bar that makes your heart sing is a matter of which area speaks to your soul, whether you’re after the best chai lattes, a classic flat white…or maybe something with a cheeky splash of mezcal. 

Whether you're a die-hard espresso enthusiast, a casual latte lover, or a digital nomad seeking your next caffeine-infused workspace, Mexico City's coffee scene has something to offer you.



Café Avellaneda

Chiquitito Café


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