Unique and Unusual Food Experiences in Tokyo

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Take a deep breath, folks, and prepare for a culinary adventure like no other. Tokyo, that glittering jewel of the East, isn't just home to the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world — it's a foodie paradise where the traditional and downright quirky coexist in a mouthwatering harmony. 

When you think Tokyo, your taste buds might immediately dance to the tune of sushi, savor the crunch of tempura, or yearn for a comforting slurp of ramen. But oh honey, there's so much more to this gastronomic wonderland. 

Put on your most adventurous outfit, prepare your appetite, and brace yourselves — because we're about to dive headfirst into Tokyo's wildly eccentric, outrageously enticing, and often eyebrow-raising culinary scene. It's a whirlwind ride, darlings, but believe me, you'll thank us later. 

1. Tokyo’s Bug Vending Machines

You're wandering the buzzing streets of Tokyo, peckish for a little snack. You’ve been sightseeing all day and have dinner reservations in a couple of hours, so you need to recharge and fuel yourself enough to keep going, but you don’t want to ruin your appetite.

In the distance, you spy a vending machine, and you run to it, knowing it holds the answer to all of your problems. But hold on; those aren't your ordinary chips, candies, or sodas. They’re insects! Welcome to Tokyo's bug vending machines! 

If you come from a culture that doesn’t tend to eat bugs, it might seem a little alarming at first and definitely not super appetizing. But as it turns out, these little critters are high in protein, environmentally friendly, and low in calories, and we have to admit, there’s something incredibly delightful and satisfying about their crunchy, savory texture and taste.

In Tokyo’s bug vending machines, you might find silkworm pupae, diving beetles, and even chocolate-covered ants! You might need to examine these vending machines a few times before you work up the nerve to try something, and that’s okay. 

But we’d highly recommend giving this gastronomical oddity a try because it’s a local treat you’re not likely to encounter anywhere else. And who knows — you might discover a new favorite snack food.

2. Catch Your Own Dinner at Game-Changing Seafood Eatery, Zauo

Let’s just take a moment to feel grateful that in this section, we’re going to be talking about catching your own fish rather than talking about catching your own insect snacks. Done? Okay. 

Now, it's time for a little fishing. Welcome to Zauo, where you don't just order your fish — you catch it yourself. Forget about choosing your meal from a menu or even about what you probably previously considered the peak of freshness in choosing your own seafood from a tank. At Zauo, you'll be trading that menu for a fishing rod.

You've got boats, water tanks teeming with fish, and the freshest seafood meal you could ask for. This isn't just a restaurant — it's an adventure, complete with cheering crowds when you hook your dinner! 

Whether you snag a flounder, a snapper, or a sea bream, the staff at Zauo prepares it any way you'd like. Sashimi, grilled, boiled, and more, Zauo can serve it up with style. Imagine the thrill of that first bite, knowing you reeled in that deliciousness yourself.

3. Go Down the Culinary Rabbit Hole With Alice of Magic World Restaurant

Once you've made your triumphant return from sea, it's time to step into a fairy tale. Alice of Magic World isn't just a restaurant — it's a delightful tumble down the rabbit hole into a culinary wonderland. 

Picture lush roses on the ceiling, playing card dining tables, and Cheshire Cat smiles lighting up the room. Whether you’re a fan of the books, the films, or just feeling like your life could use a little bit more whimsy, this is one dinner experience you won’t soon forget.

Here, the whimsy of Lewis Carroll's world is reflected not just in the décor but in every single dish. We're talking Cheshire Cat tail pizza, caterpillar fungus risotto, and heart queen strawberry mousse. The creative genius behind this restaurant has truly mastered the art of blending fantasy with flavor, bringing together a feast for both your eyes and your taste buds.

And don't worry; there are no "eat me" or "drink me" potions that will cause you to shrink or grow — although we’re not guaranteeing that you won’t grow at least a little bit after stuffing yourself with every delicious morsel you order at this establishment. Let Alice of Magic World whisk you away to a place where imagination rules and dining is an adventure.

4. Indulge a Childhood Fantasy With Ninja Akasaka’s (You Guessed It) Ninja Themed Feast

Pack your shuriken and summon your stealth! There's a culinary mission waiting for you at Ninja Akasaka. Like so many of these fascinating establishments in Tokyo, eating at Ninja Akasaka’s is more than just a meal. It’s an adventure draped in shadows and intrigue, and as a bonus, you get to eat some delicious food.

This unique restaurant will teleport you straight to the era of the shinobi. Meander through the labyrinth of hallways and across trick bridges, all leading to secluded dining areas that will make you feel like the star of your own Kung-Fu flick.

It’s okay to let your inner kid out sometimes! If you ever fantasized about being a super stealthy, super bad-ass ninja as a kid, Ninja Akasaka gives you the opportunity to give that long-forgotten dream its time in the sun. 

Expect just such theatrics and more, from black-clad waitstaff appearing as if from thin air to incredible performances of ninja magic; you're in for a real treat.

The menu is a spectacle in itself — it reads like an anthology of edible wonders. And we haven’t even talked about the cocktail menu, which is guaranteed to broaden your palate and blow your mind with both taste and presentation.

5. Dine Under the Stars at Planetarium Bar

Looking for a dining experience that's literally out of this world? Look no further, honey. The Planetarium Bar in Tokyo is your one-way ticket to the cosmos! 

If you’re an astrology buff or even just a city slicker who doesn’t see enough of the galaxy due to light pollution and that age-old issue of not having enough time, Planetarium Bar delivers both delicious drinks and nibbles as well as the opportunity to really see the stars.

Savor your dinner beneath a dazzling celestial canopy — it’s like dining on the Starship Enterprise, but with better food and no pesky Klingons. This unique venue is housed within a digital planetarium, giving patrons an unforgettable night under the stars without ever leaving the city.

There's a certain celestial charm to sipping on a tasty selection of galactic cocktails beneath a swirl of constellations. It’s a must-visit for anyone seeking an unforgettable dining adventure that will have you starry-eyed all night. 

Pro-tip: Take your partner or just someone cool you clicked with on the apps out on a date in Tokyo. This. Is. The. Place.

6. Dine With Buddhist Monks at Your Service in Vowz Bar

Many of our unusual and unique food experiences are all about decadence and indulgence, but now it’s time to take a detour of a more soulful variety. At Vowz Bar, your libations come served with a slice of enlightenment. 

That’s right. You aren't just served by monks — they also run the joint! Swap small talk for serene conversation and journey through a menu that's as enlightening as it is tantalizing.

This experience offers more than just nourishment for the body. It’s also a cool opportunity to speak to the monks, who you might not otherwise encounter in your day-to-day life. Whether you want to learn more about Buddhism or just want an unusual experience to talk about when you get home, Vowz Bar delivers. 

It's a banquet for the soul, darlings, served up with Buddhist teachings that might just have you pondering on life, the universe, and whether that extra side of tempura is truly a necessity.

Embrace the Wild Side of Tokyo's Food Scene

Tokyo, in all its culinary splendor, is so much more than just sushi and ramen. From munching on insects out of a vending machine to fishing for our dinner at Zauo and feasting like a ninja, we've truly tasted the unique and exciting food adventures that Tokyo has to offer. 

Each unique and unusual venue is an invitation to discover something extraordinary, pushing the boundaries of what dining can be. So next time you're in Tokyo, don't just eat — make a meal of it! Embrace the unconventional, give your taste buds a thrill ride, and explore the city's food scene in all its wacky, wonderful glory. 


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