Best Food Tours in Melbourne

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Step into the gastronomical paradise that is Melbourne — a city where your taste buds will thank you for booking that flight or planning that road trip! Renowned as Australia's food capital, Melbourne is a melting pot of multicultural cuisines, where every alley and corner offers a new, mouth-watering discovery. 

And there's no better way to experience this culinary Eden than through our specially curated food tours. Read on, fellow foodie, as we take you on an adventure to explore Melbourne’s food scene.

1. Walking Into a Food Wonderland: Street Eats of Asia Tour

Melbourne’s Street Eats of Asia Tour offers a tantalizing trip around the globe right in the heart of the city. Ideal for locals and visitors alike, this tour indulges you in Melbourne's delightfully diverse street food scene. 

From the thrill of devouring Thai flavors to the comfort of Chinese dumplings and the surprise of Japanese bites — this is one culinary journey that'll have you salivating for more.

Your exploration begins outside the grand Treasury Building on Spring Street, where you’ll set off for an enchanting expedition through Melbourne’s Chinatown. Here, you’ll indulge in five sumptuous street food stops, each serving up deliciously authentic bites. 

And while most street food is delicious regardless of the variety, this street eats tour gives you a glimpse into Melbourne’s diverse, multicultural makeup. You’ll savor a colorful blend of Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese flavors. The tour concludes near the iconic State Library Of Victoria, leaving you with a full stomach and an enriched perspective of Melbourne’s food culture.

2. A Stroll Through History: Queen Victoria Market Food Tour

Experience the epicurean heart of Melbourne at the historic Queen Victoria Market. This beloved landmark is more than a market; it's a lively culinary journey where Victoria's diverse food culture comes alive. 

Offering a feast for your senses, this food tour guides you through a vibrant array of food stalls, where the colors, scents, and flavors of fresh produce, artisanal creations, and international delicacies create a thrilling gastronomic experience.

Whether you're a fan of the eclectic or crave comfort foods, this bustling market has something for every foodie. Small group tours offer an intimate exploration of this vast marketplace, bringing you closer to the delicious offerings. 

Let the passionate tour guides whisk you through the labyrinth of stalls as they share the market's rich history and their favorite foodie spots. Take this stroll through history, and watch as Melbourne's food culture unfolds before your eyes.

3. Embark on an Elevated Culinary Journey: The Foodies Bucket List Tour

Calling all gourmands! This is the food tour that you've been dreaming of. If your travel itinerary is driven by your love for food and desire to taste the best of the best, the Foodies Bucket List Tour is for you. 

Time is of the essence in this whirlwind journey through Melbourne's culinary hotspots as you taste and stroll your way through the city's exploding food epicenter. This Bucket List Food Tour includes up to ten highly regarded and delectable tastings peppered with cultural and historical anecdotes. 

Experience what the gourmet food scene in Melbourne is truly about through the eyes of a local guide who is as passionate about Melbourne's rich history as they are about its culinary delights. You'll be left spellbound by unforgettable tastes from some of Melbourne's top-rated and must-visit restaurants. 

Melbourne’s cuisine is a tapestry of diverse influences, with threads of indigenous, European, and Asian flavors woven together. On this tour, taste your way through Modern Chinese, Peruvian, Spanish, Asian Fusion, contemporary Australian delicacies, and much more. It's a perfect experience for those seeking to uncover Melbourne’s hidden culinary treasures.

4. A Trip Down the Vine: Yarra Valley Wine Tour

Trade the bustling streets of Melbourne for the lush vineyards of Yarra Valley, a world-class wine region right on the city's doorstep. Just an hour's drive from Melbourne, this day tour takes you to the heart of Victoria's wine country for an unforgettable journey through its renowned wineries. 

With an expert wine guide leading the way, you'll visit popular wineries such as Balgownie Estate, Steels Gate Winery, Greenstone Vineyards, and Yering Farm. At each stop, you'll savor a variety of tastings that encapsulate the distinct characteristics of the Yarra Valley terroir — from robust reds and crisp whites to delightful sparkling wines. 

This tour also offers a feast for your eyes. The scenic drive through the fertile Yarra Valley unveils breathtaking landscapes, with rows upon rows of grapevines set against a backdrop of rolling hills. It’s a great way to get out of the cityscapes of Melbourne and experience something a little different in the same region.

If you're keen on upping your wine game, this tour offers the perfect opportunity. Learn the art of wine tasting — swirl, sniff, slurp, and savor — as you delve into the world of Australian winemaking. Come experience the allure of Yarra Valley and return with a newfound appreciation for Victoria's splendid wines. 

5. Adventure Beyond the City: Mornington Peninsula Day Tour

Another great way to venture beyond Melbourne's city limits and embark on a day tour to the stunning Mornington Peninsula. This beautiful region, dotted with charming wineries, eateries, and sightseeing spots, is a hidden gem that promises a perfect day trip from Melbourne. 

With its exceptional vineyards, mouth-watering street food, and spectacular views, Mornington Peninsula delivers a refreshing contrast to Melbourne's cityscape. The tour begins with a scenic drive through Victoria's idyllic countryside, setting the tone for an enchanting day ahead.

Your visit will include a range of delightful pit stops — from cozy wineries serving handcrafted wines to boutique eateries offering delectable local fare. You can relish the region's culinary delights, as well as the breathtaking views of vineyards, rolling hills, and pristine beaches.

It's an adventure that’s sure to tantalize your senses, leaving you with unforgettable memories of Victoria's scenic and gastronomic richness, whether you take yourself on a self-guided tour or find a private or small group tour to join in on.

6. Savor the Street Art and Street Food: Melbourne Laneways Tour

Step into the colorful labyrinth that is Melbourne's laneways — a vibrant fusion of street art and delectable food. This tour offers an immersive experience into the city's heart, letting you savor the iconic street food while marveling at the stunning murals and installations. 

From the eccentric to the exquisite, Melbourne's laneways are a playground for both artists and foodies alike. The boutique cafes and eateries nestled in these artistic arcades offer a culinary exploration as diverse and dynamic as the murals that adorn their walls.

Walk through the bustling Hosier Lane, famed for its ever-changing graffiti, and stop by the cozy cafes serving up delightful bites. Navigate the intriguing maze of Degraves Street and Centre Place, where the street food is as vibrant as the surrounding street art.

Every twist and turn brings a new discovery…a hidden cafe, a stunning mural, or a charming boutique. This tour offers a unique blend of Melbourne’s artistic flair and food culture, giving you a taste of the city’s eclectic charm that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Lace-up your walking shoes, get your camera ready, and prepare for an adventure like no other!

7. For You and Your Furry Friends: St. Kilda Puppy Pub Crawl

Are you and your four-legged companion ready to take on Melbourne's vibrant pub scene? Let's get our tails wagging and embark on the St. Kilda Puppy Pub Crawl. This one-of-a-kind tour combines Australia's love for great pubs, delicious food, and our furry best friends!

Kick off your adventure at Luna's Food and Wine Bar — a local favorite that's quickly stolen the hearts of both humans and hounds. Here, you'll enjoy some quality wine, delish cocktails, and a lively atmosphere, all with the iconic Luna Park and The Palais Theatre in sight. Not to forget, your furry friend gets a fancy doggie cocktail too!

Next, you'll amble down to The Cross, a charming Scottish pub nestled in the heart of St Kilda. This venue offers an inviting, dog-friendly atmosphere where you can relax and sample their signature Scottish beers or perhaps a delightful house red or white. Don’t forget to share a biscuit or two with your furry companion!

Finally, the crawl concludes at the picturesque beach venue bar. Overlooking the ocean, this spot gives your pup a chance to frolic on the sprawling beach while you enjoy a refreshing drink. Share a flatbread, savor a cocktail, and soak up the ambiance as you round off this unforgettable tour. 

Goodbye to Good Bites

Melbourne is renowned down under for its food scene, offering culinary experiences as diverse and dynamic as its landscape. Whether you're a self-proclaimed foodie, a wine connoisseur, or a street art enthusiast, Melbourne's food tours offer an array of mouth-watering adventures that cater to all tastes and preferences. 

These tours offer so much more than just food and drink — they're an immersive journey into Melbourne's rich culture, history, and lifestyle. No matter what tour you choose, from a walking tour to private tours to a simple day out with an expert guide…you're guaranteed to return with a full belly, a happy heart, and unforgettable memories of the best food tours in Melbourne.


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