The Best Seafood Restaurants in Mexico City

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When you talk about the best seafood restaurants in Mexico City, you’re talking about a world bursting with flavors, styles, and traditions. In the heart of CDMX, from Polanco's fine dining to Roma Norte's street food, seafood dishes reign supreme. 

Mexico City restaurants boast an eclectic mix that marries Mexican food with Japanese, Mediterranean, and even New York flair. It's a symphony of tastes, from tacos to ceviche, tortillas, and aguachile. 

Whether you're sipping margaritas in La Condesa or devouring tuna tostadas in a bistro, these spots are all about great food, killer ambiance, and food that will transport you to seaside views and ocean breezes no matter where you’re sitting. Grab your bib and your crab crackers, and let’s tuck in!


Contramar is a gem synonymous with seafood heaven in the chic Roma neighborhood. From tuna tostadas to scrumptious ceviche, this Mexican restaurant is the talk of the town. Drenched in elegance, Contramar serves a fusion of Latin, French, and Spanish influences, all while retaining that Mexican flair we adore. 

Located on Durango 200, it's a go-to for anyone looking to indulge in fine dining or a hearty brunch. It's not just the great food that lures the crowds; the ambiance dances between street food fun and elite bistro charm. If you're in the mood for a seafood celebration, Contramar is your spot in Mexico City!

La Docena Oyster Bar & Grill

Get ready to shake things up at La Docena Oyster Bar & Grill, nestled in the pulsating heart of Juárez. Serving a mix of Mexican, Peruvian, and even a splash of Mediterranean, this seafood hotspot is where clams meet tacos, and aguachile flirts with margaritas in a salty, seaside romance that you’ll want to dig into again and again.

Brunch or dinner, La Docena's menu will take you on a culinary journey through the best seafood restaurants of Mexico City. They've captured the essence of CDMX in every bite: flavorful and local while capturing the best of the cultural melting pot that makes Mexico City so great. 


In the trendy area of Polanco, Fisher's comes alive with the allure of Mexican seafood dishes. A blend of Veracruz tradition and Baja freshness, Fisher's is where you'll find fish tacos and carnitas mingling with Italian finesse.

Located in Miguel Hidalgo, a stone's throw from Masaryk's bustle, it's a place where seafood takes center stage. Everything will blow your mind or your taste buds, from the bold flavors of al pastor to the tangy twist of agua y sal. 

And don't forget the ambiance — it's as sparkling as the streets of Lomas. You can't go wrong with this stunning location with colorful tiles, vibrant upholstery, and tons of natural greenery. Whether you're a seafood enthusiast or a curious adventurer, Fisher's captures the essence of Mexico City, making it a must-visit in your quest for the best seafood restaurants.

Sirenas Raw Bar

Hold on to your pearls, darling, because Sirenas Raw Bar will sweep you off your feet! Nestled in the heart of Polanco, this seafood oasis is where Mexico City's ambiance blends with the best of Baja freshness. If you’re looking for elegance with a side of ocean views, Sirenas Raw Bar knows how to bring the charm and elevate any evening into a night to remember.

But honey, don't think it's all high heels and black-tie affairs; this place knows how to keep it real. Mexican food meets New York bistro-style here, and the result is an eclectic feast that celebrates seafood dishes in a setting that's just as diverse. 

Whether you want to impress on date night or explore Mexico City restaurants with friends, Sirenas Raw Bar is a whirlwind of culinary delight.

This is another spot that really nails an important part of any stellar restaurant: location, location, location. Situated right in the bustling heart of Miguel Hidalgo, a hotspot of culture, excitement, and that indescribable Mexican flair. 


It’s not the ocean waves beckoning you from inside that seashell — MeroToro is calling your name. A Mexican restaurant that dances between casual street food and elegant fine dining, MeroToro is where seafood dreams come to life in the heart of CDMX.

Situated in the artsy Cuauhtémoc area, it's a haven for those who appreciate the fusion of Mexican food with a twist of Mediterranean magic. They've got it all: tacos, tortillas, and aguachile, but honey, that's just the appetizer. 

The real treat is the ambiance — think margaritas at sunset, meet Masaryk glamor. MeroToro is a gastronomic fiesta that celebrates great food in a setting that's both intimate and lively.

And if you're a brunch aficionado, you're in for a treat. From Centro to La Condesa, this is a place where brunch becomes an experience. Whether it's a laid-back Sunday or a special occasion, MeroToro offers an experience as multifaceted as Mexico City.

Bellopuerto La Condesa

If you’re seeking a getaway without leaving the bustling heart of Ciudad de México, Bellopuerto La Condesa is ready to embrace you with open arms! Situated in the trendy La Condesa neighborhood, this seafood haven offers the vibes of a beachy escape right in the middle of the city. With decor that reminds you of the best Veracruz vacation, this place is all about ambiance.

Bellopuerto knows how to make tacos sing, tortillas dance, and ceviche sizzle with flavors that are as bold and vibrant as a Mexican carnival. Every stunning seafood dish pays homage to Mexican food while flirting with Spanish charm and Mediterranean elegance.

Not to be overlooked, their cocktails are also on point. Whether it's margaritas or mezcal, the bartenders at Bellopuerto serve them up with a flair that’s as enchanting as a sunset over the ocean. 

Seafood, ambiance, and spirits that sparkle — Bellopuerto La Condesa is the place to savor Mexico City in a beachy embrace. Shall we make a reservation?


From ceviche that whispers of the ocean to tortillas that encapsulate the soul of Mexican food, Campobaja is a place where you'll discover flavors you never knew you needed. And don’t you worry, the ambiance is as enticing as the menu. Think Italian finesse meets Mexican flair — with a sprinkle of New York bistro charm.

Whether it's a casual dinner with friends or a date night that demands something special, Campobaja in the Roma neighborhood promises an adventure rich in flavors and surprises. And if you’re in the mood for brunch? 

Oh, darling, they've got you covered! So grab your fork and get ready to explore one of Mexico City's tastiest destinations.

Pescados y Mariscos Tío Fito

If you’re in the mood for seafood without the frills, Pescados y Mariscos Tío Fito is your go-to spot in Mexico City. Don’t get us wrong — we love us some frills. But sometimes, a class, unpretentious gem that delivers on flavors and makes you feel right at home is just what the doctor ordered.

And don't you worry; quality is not compromised! With must-try ceviche and shrimp tacos that'll have you weeping with foodie joy, Tío Fito serves great food that celebrates the very soul of CDMX.

Tucked away in the heart of Mexico City, this budget-friendly option offers a menu that's rich in flavor — from tuna tostadas to aguachile, they have it all. Whether it's a casual brunch with friends or a simple dinner that reminds you of your favorite Veracruz vacation, Pescados y Mariscos Tío Fito is the place to be. 

With a vibe as lively as Chapultepec and as warm as a welcoming embrace in Roma Norte, it's a dining experience that encapsulates the essence of Mexico City restaurants. So why wait? 

Dive in and discover why Pescados y Mariscos Tío Fito is a beloved treasure, offering seafood dishes and a taste of Mexican heritage. Shall we?

Taking Some Time for Reef-lection

From Polanco's sophistication to the artsy vibes of Juárez, CDMX's seafood scene celebrates tastes, styles, and cultures. Whether you've savored the elegance of fine dining at Contramar, embraced the lively fun of street food at El Pescadito, or tasted the fusion magic at Pujol, you've seen just how diverse and delectable the best seafood restaurants in Mexico City can be.

Mexican food comes to life in these establishments with its rich flavors and vibrant textures. Tacos, tortillas, aguachile, and so much more are waiting to tantalize your taste buds. Next time you find yourself in the heart of Ciudad de México, whether for brunch in Roma Norte or dinner in Miguel Hidalgo, these places are ready to welcome you with open arms and heaping plates full of life-changing seafood.



Sirenas Raw Bar


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