Tokyo’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants

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Have you ever dreamed of dining on the culinary masterpieces only a Michelin-star restaurant can provide? If you’ve traveled to Japan and you’ve got stars on your mind, then you’re in the right city; with a whopping 263 Michelin-star restaurants in Tokyo, it’s safe to say that Tokyo is one of the most starred cities in the world.

In this article, we'll not only tell you what it takes to earn a Michelin star, but we'll also reveal some of Tokyo's most fabulous Michelin-starred dining spots. Tokyo's gastronomic scene has everything from traditional Japanese sushi to imaginative fusion French ramen and tempura. And it's high time you took a bite!

Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, come hungry and serving your classiest looks for our whirlwind tour of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo.

Understanding the Michelin Star

For the uninitiated, the idea of a Michelin star might sound a little strange. Doesn’t Michelin do tires? Actually, yes. So what's all this fuss about Michelin stars and the Michelin Guide? Well, pull up a chair because it's time for a crash course in culinary accolades!

Michelin stars, my dears, are the glittering crowns of the restaurant world. A rating system started by — wait for it — the Michelin tire company. Yes, the same folks who ensure your car has a smooth ride also determine which restaurants offer a culinary journey to remember.

It all started as a guide to help travelers find good food and lodging on their road trips. Now, it's the ultimate culinary award, given to Italian to sushi restaurants, from breakfast joints to French restaurants. 

The best restaurants can earn one, two, or three stars, with three being the highest honor. If you’ve ever wondered what the Oscars of the food world are, wonder no more. Because now you’re an expert on Michelin stars. Let’s dive into the short-hand notes for the Michelin guide Tokyo.

The Brightest Stars in Tokyo’s Gastronomical Galaxy

With literally hundreds of Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo, even if you’ve decided on treating yourself to a night of fine, internationally-recognized gastronomy, it can be difficult to decide where to start. 

To help make your tour of Tokyo’s most lauded dining experiences a little bit less stressful, we’ve put together a list of our favorite starred restaurants in the gastronomical galaxy of Tokyo.

Sukiyabashi Jiro

Sukiyabashi Jiro is not just a Japanese restaurant; it’s a veritable shrine to Japan’s most incredible sushi. This high-quality sushi institution is run by the legendary head chef and sushi master, Jiro Ono. This master craftsman, who's well into his 90s, is considered one of the greatest sushi chefs alive! 

So if you hear sushi and imagine the stuff you get from the gas station refrigerator with a foil wrapper of soy sauce, you’re way off base — and also, seriously, babes. Life is too short for gas station sushi.

Tucked away in a Tokyo subway station, this modest 10-seater has been the recipient of three Michelin stars year after year. But why, you ask? The sushi here isn't just food — it's an art form! 

Each piece of sushi is a carefully crafted symphony of flavor and texture that'll send your taste buds straight to heaven. And let's not forget about the top-quality, seasonal ingredients, from local sashimi and dashi to crisp veggies chosen with painstaking care. It’s a culinary ballet that’ll leave you enchanted and craving more!


Next on our glamorous food journey, we have Ryugin. This three-star Michelin restaurant is the stage where Chef Seiji Yamamoto dances with traditional Japanese cuisine, adding a splash of modernity to create a magnificent ballet of flavors.

At Ryugin, each dish is carefully considered and conceived, crafted with a deep understanding of Japan's food culture. Here, you'll find exquisite dishes like the Roppongi Pudding — a mouth-watering creation that combines the simplicity of a traditional pudding with the complexity of various Japanese ingredients. This masterpiece will leave you speechless, and not just because your mouth will be full.

And it's not just about the food, my dears. Dining at Ryugin is an experience where the ambiance, service, and food all exist in perfect harmony. The zen-like setting lets the food do the talking, creating a stage where each dish is the star. It’s a must-visit for anyone who appreciates the marriage of tradition and innovation in culinary arts!


Next up, we've got Kanda, the culinary sanctuary where seasonality takes center stage. Sophisticated food doesn’t have to be complicated, and the food at Kanda proves that. With simple offerings of the highest quality, you’ll taste foods you recognize with flavors you never imagined. 

At Kanda, Chef Hiroyuki Kanda celebrates the natural flavors of ingredients, creating a menu that's as fluid as the changing seasons. Each dish is a sensory journey that guides you through Japan's seasonal delights, from delicate spring bamboo to rich, wintry sea urchins. It's minimal yet powerful — like the little black dress of Tokyo’s Michelin star scene.

What makes Kanda a standout, you ask? It's not just about the food, although that alone would make you want to book a flight to Tokyo right now. It's the warm hospitality that envelopes you the moment you step in. At Kanda, you're not just a customer — you're a cherished guest.


Now, get ready to pop the culinary champagne because we're visiting L'Effervescence! This two-star Michelin restaurant is where French technique waltzes with Japanese ingredients, creating a gastronomic symphony that's nothing short of effervescent (hence the name).

Guided by Chef Shinobu Namae, L'Effervescence delivers dishes that tell a story, tease your senses, and tingle your palate. Both French and Japanese cuisine majorly deliver when it comes to flavor while valuing the natural taste of every ingredient, so you can rest assured that the chefs of L’Effervescence will only put the most decadent, delicious plates in front of you.

Each dish at L'Effervescence is a surprise, an edible present waiting to be unwrapped. It's this spirit of playful creativity that makes it an unforgettable culinary destination. 


Ready to spice things up a bit? Well, hold on to your chopsticks because Sazenka is about to take you on a culinary roller coaster! This two-star Michelin restaurant is where Japanese ingredients flirt with Chinese techniques, resulting in a fusion that’s as exciting as it is unexpected.

At Sazenka, every dish is a melody of flavors that dances between the delicate and the bold. And the master conductor of this flavor orchestra? Chef Tomoya Kawada. 

His vision guides the fusion of Chinese and Japanese cuisines, resulting in creations like the sea urchin and truffle wonton or the Peking duck served with a Japanese twist. Whether you’re a devoted fan of Chinese cuisine or love Japanese food above all others, you’ll find so many things to love at Sazenka, and we’re sure you’ll discover many new fusion flavors you won’t soon forget.


Last but not least, let's step into the enchanting world of Florilege. Imagine stepping into a painting, where the canvas is your plate, and the colors are flavors. This two-star Michelin restaurant is another one of those magical places where French cuisine gets a Japanese makeover, and boy, does it look good!

Florilege is where Chef Hiroyasu Kawate's culinary imagination comes to life. Here, dishes are not just meals — they're edible art. Take the 'Forest' dish, for instance. It's a mesmerizing composition of seasonal vegetables presented like a lush forest landscape on your plate. It's not just a feast for your taste buds but a feast for your eyes as well!

At Florilege, dining is a spectacle, a theater where each course is an act. It's a testament to Chef Kawate's love for food and his commitment to tickling your senses. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Kagurazaka Ishikawa
  • Nishiazabu
  • Usukifugu Yamadaya
  • Tokyo ‌Bib Gourmand
  • Joël Robuchon
  • Tempura Kondo

Last Bites and Delightful Nights

And there you have it, food aficionados — a culinary tour de force through the sizzling streets of Tokyo's Michelin-starred restaurant scene. From the traditional charm of Sukiyabashi Jiro to the innovative flair of Florilege, Tokyo proves that when it comes to fine dining, it's a city that shines brighter than all of its Michelin stars combined— and, again, Tokyo has a truly insane amount of Michelin stars. So when we say it shines, we basically mean it’s the sun of the gastronomical universe.

People sometimes complain about fine dining and its pretension and tiny plates. But often, these people are missing the point. 

Fine dining isn't just about the food — although it is divine. It's about the culinary journey that starts the moment you step through the door, guided by an expert chef. Every detail is meticulously designed to enchant your senses; if loving that is pretentious, then we’re happy to take that!

We've tasted, we've toasted, and we've celebrated the best that Tokyo has to offer. But don't fret; the culinary adventure is just beginning! Because after you dine at all six of these culinary superstars, you’ve got a solid 257 Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo alone left to try!


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Sukiyabashi Jiro



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