If you’re in Dubai (lucky!) and feel the urge for Italian food, you should consider Cipriani. It can be found in the center of the Financial District. This is an upscale restaurant where you’ll find a wide variety of international crowds enjoying their cuisine. 

If you’re in Dubai (lucky!) and feel the urge for Italian food, you should consider Cipriani. It can be found in the center of the Financial District.

This is an upscale restaurant where you’ll find a wide variety of international crowds enjoying their cuisine. Cipriani is a twinkling gem amidst the skyscrapers of the DIFC, an acronym you'll want to commit to memory — Dubai International Financial Centre.

At Cipriani, you’re not just dining but experiencing a sizzling blend of New York sophistication, Venetian charm, and, of course, Dubai's unrivaled opulence. Here, a well-dressed and cosmopolitan crowd gathers to sip on the famous Bellini cocktail and savor every bite from a menu rich in Italian classics.

Cipriani serves up a slice of Italy with all the style, flair, and passion you'd expect — and, darling, it's every bit as upscale as you can imagine!

Let’s Talk About Dubai

If you don’t know, Dubai is on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates, in the Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. (It borders Oman and Saudi Arabia.) It's probably better known to many of us as every shopaholic's dream and a magnet for seekers of luxury experiences.

Don't worry, darling, we're here to paint the town red — or should we say gold? Imagine a map of all the glitz and glamor in the world — Dubai would probably be right at the center. It’s not just the skyscrapers and luxury cars that get our hearts aflutter, but that irresistible blend of modern marvels and rich cultural heritage.

At the heart of all the excitement, you’ll find the dazzling DIFC. The Dubai International Financial Centre isn't just about big deals and sharp suits, no — it's a hub of fine dining, where the most discerning gourmands meet to exchange business cards and savor culinary delights.

Packed with some of the best restaurants, DIFC is the place where business and leisure harmoniously collide. Just remember to save room for Cipriani's Italian magnificence. After all, we did say Dubai is your playground, right, darling?

Cipriani’s Ambiance

One word, darling — fab-u-lous! When you walk into Cipriani, it's not just entering a restaurant; it's stepping foot onto the alluring deck of a chic mid-century yacht. Complete with shiny brass railings, polished portholes, and an undeniable seafaring theme, you're set for a voyage into an authentic Italian escape nestled right in the UAE.

The restaurant is decked out in a seafaring theme, complete with portholes and railings made of brass. It has two levels, an enclosed terrace, along with a bar. Two floors of blue and white nautical bling, complete with an enclosed terrace and a bar that shines with Venetian charm.

While you’re there, you’ll also see Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Linda Evangelista. Cindy will be blowing you a kiss. Well, not literally.

They’re just pictures on the wall. But you might still find yourself blushing a little bit at Cindy’s smooch between watching and listening to the servers. They go to each table while dancing and singing “Buongiorno! Presto! Buon appetito!”

Buongiorno means “good morning” or “good day”; presto means “soon”; and buon appetito means “enjoy your meal.”  So they want you to have a good day while telling you that you’ll soon be able to enjoy your meal!

Isn’t it just fabulous to have someone wish you a beautiful day and promise a soon-to-be-served divine Italian meal? Brace yourself because Cipriani's service is as swift as it's enchanting, making it the go-to destination for a vibrant business lunch.

The Menu

Enough about the glamorous atmosphere; let's move on to the star of the show — the divine Italian cuisine. On the menu, you’ll find pasta, pizzas, and risotto. And, of course, their signature bellini is a must-have. (These are Italian cocktails made with just Prosecco and peach purée.)

And darling, what’s an Italian fine dining experience without a sip of the signature Bellini? For the uninitiated, it's as Italian as it gets, a heavenly concoction of Prosecco and peach purée — downright irresistible!

It's not just a cocktail, but a little sip of home from Harry’s Bar in Venice, the birthplace of Cipriani. So make sure to enjoy a Bellini or two, because no visit to Cipriani is quite complete without getting a taste of this Italian star. Drink up, sweetie!

And each dish prepared with such love, you'll be practically tasting the sunny fields of Italy, darling! When you dine in a well-known, well-loved Italian restaurant in the heart of Dubai, you’re guaranteed a tasty and sumptuous experience with a menu that’s constantly changing and ready to delight.

Cipriani’s Rich Heritage

There’s a legacy here, and it's as rich as their creamy gnocchi! Cipriani is an institution, much like those trendy brown leather chairs you adore. You see, Cipriani is from the same family behind Harry’s Bar. Have you heard of it?

In 1931, a man named Giuseppe Cipriani Senior opened Harry’s Bar in Venice. Giuseppe Cipriani Senior, the man behind the magic, had a knack for gathering legends under his roof. Harry’s attracted legends, including Charlie Chaplin, Katherine Hepburn, Gary Cooper, Orson Welles, Frank Lloyd Wright, Joe di Maggio, Truman Capote, and Ernest Hemingway, to name just a few!

From Charlie Chaplin and Katherine Hepburn to literary titan Ernest Hemingway, Harry's was the watering hole for stars. And honey, it wasn't just for the Bellinis, even though Cipriani's signature cocktail is famously divine.

Speaking of iconic creations, Cipriani also served up Carpaccio for the first time. Imagine it: thinly sliced raw beef sirloin paired with that dreamy sauce. Our Giuseppe even named it after the Venetian painter Vittore Carpaccio — didn't we tell you there was art in every bite?

Over the years, the family has built a restaurant empire, which has found its way into Ibiza, Moscow, Monte Carlo, Hong Kong, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Mexico City.

And, of course, Dubai.

Socialista: The After-Hours Treat

Once the dinner plates are cleared, and the last drops of your mains have been devoured, prepare for Cipriani's vivacious alter-ego, Socialista Lounge, to sweep you off your feet. Here, late-night allure meets Dubai international financial center chic — a mesmerizing combination, darling.

When the DIFC's signature brown leather chairs turn towards the dance floor, the entire ambiance undergoes a delightful metamorphosis. As if on cue, the Four Seasons turn into the four quarters of pulsating beats and circulation-stimulating rhythms.

From the heart of Dubai, through Cyprus, New York, and back to Italy — your voyage commences as the DJ spins tunes that wrap around you like a warm Italian embrace.

While the music dances with your senses, forgetting that bar menu would be a culinary sin. Italicized, bold, and brimming with creativity, just like the Venetian artists Cipriani hold close to their history, the menu offers a parade of brilliantly crafted cocktails. Be it a classic Italian spritz or a daring mixologist's creation, cocktail lovers are in for a treat.

Now, don't lose your head (too late, darling!), but the word around Dubai International Financial Centre is that their Bellini still reigns supreme even after hours. Once you've sipped on this Prosecco and peach purée paradise, you'll want to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with Cipriani's latest happenings and releases — and trust us, there are plenty!

Feel that? It's nighttime, yet the City of Gold never sleeps; Socialista Lounge at Cipriani's gate village number 10 is alive and buzzing, and we're only getting started, sweetheart!

Arrivederci, Foodie Friends

Stepping into Cipriani means being swept away on a gustatory journey stretching from the heart of Italy to the shores of Dubai. The DIFC outpost nestles within the United Arab Emirates' glittering financial capital, bringing the timeless allure of Harry's Bar in Venice, a sprinkle of New York flair, and the promise of a memorable dining experience.

Enjoy each mouth-watering course, toast with a classic Bellini, and feel the atmospheric embrace of a setting designed for special occasions. Cipriani presents a remarkable fusion of Italian tradition, Venetian charm, finely crafted Italian food, and — let’s not forget — a star-studded heritage!

It's not just fine dining, sweetie. Cipriani is an experience you won’t want to miss. So embrace the extravagant Italian charm that's made its mark from Venice to the heart of Dubai — it's time to dine, darling, and Cipriani’s is waiting to say buongiorno!


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