Night + Market Song

Los Angeles



Ready to get your taste buds Thai-d up? Night + Market Song is a Thai culinary haven that's a blend of tradition, ingenuity, and endless flavor.

So, you thought you had the LA food scene all figured out, right? As if! Seriously, let's recalibrate your taste compass. Push those drab smoothie bowls aside, and let's get saucy with Night + Market Song.

Occupying an electrifying space on Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake, this isn't an average Thai takeaway. This is where LA’s vibrant culture and Thailand's rich culinary history meet for a night of debauchery, delectable dishes, and, yes, drinks that'll blow your mind and make your night.

Whether you're a Silver Lake local or just cruising down Sunset Blvd, this place offers a communal experience that leaves stuffy at the door and rolls out a vibrant red carpet for your palate. The keyword here is fabulous, and Night + Market Song lives up to it, delivering a heady blend of gastronomic razzle-dazzle.

Early Roots & Family History

Chef Kris Yenbamroong. The man, the myth, the culinary sorcerer who makes all this deliciousness happen. Raised in the culinary oasis of West Hollywood, this man grew up surrounded by the heady scents of Thai spices and herbs.

His parents ran the much-acclaimed Talesai, not just a restaurant but an institution that served the Los Angeles elite their first tastes of Thai food done right. Here, Yenbamroong discovered his culinary destiny and began cultivating his own "LA Thai" cuisine brand.

By "LA Thai," we're talking about a divine marriage between the complex flavors of Thai street food and the freshness of California produce. This is a blend that borrows heavily from tradition, all while splashing in a healthy dollop of American culinary spirit.

Yenbamroong isn't one to sit back on his family's storied legacy, however. He attended the revered Culinary Institute of America, honed his skills in various kitchens, and then decided it was high time to give Los Angeles a dash of his own flair.

With Night + Market in West Hollywood and Night + Market Song in Silver Lake, he has continued evolving Thai cuisine into an experience as multi-dimensional as the city itself.

Culinary accolades and glowing reviews aside, what makes Yenbamroong's cooking soul-stirring is his commitment to authenticity infused with a sense of playful experimentation. It's the kind of food that invites you to eat and engage. It's a spirited dialogue between two cultures; everyone is invited to join the conversation.

The Flavor Quest

Chef Kris Yenbamroong isn't your average culinary artist. Take his pad thai, for example. With the addition of skin-on peanuts and bird's-eye chiles, this humble staple is transformed into an orchestra of textures and flavors, each bite sending shockwaves of pure culinary joy.

Forget about any pedestrian versions you've had before. This is pad Thai reborn, reimagined, and reinvented. Then there's the wine.

Honey, the wine list at Night + Market Song is not to be missed. It boasts an impressive array of natural wines, a trend blossoming in West Hollywood, but finds its home right here on Sunset Blvd.

Whether you're a veteran of the grape or a novice looking to dabble, the wine list here is as inviting as it is sophisticated. Natural wine pairs brilliantly with the vibrant Thai flavors on offer, making each sip and bite a harmonious symphony of taste.

The culinary repertoire doesn't just stop at Bangkok street food or Northern Thai favorites like khao soi and larb. Nope. They've got you covered, whether you're hankering for the sweet and savory embrace of pad see ew or the texture-rich playground of the crispy rice salad. Each dish is a nod to the diversity that makes Thai food so endlessly captivating.

And speaking of wine again, this list is refreshingly eclectic. While many Thai restaurants might offer you a standard selection of Italian or American bottles, here, you get a curated experience that mirrors the audacity and verve of the entire menu.

It's a gastronomic haven where tradition and innovation marry in a jubilant celebration of Thai cuisine. Your flavor quest at Night + Market Song promises to be a whirlwind of delightful indulgence.

The Space and Vibe

Setting foot in Night + Market Song is like entering a parallel universe where Bangkok's vivacity melds seamlessly with California's laid-back charm. The decor offers a vibrant clash of vintage Cindy Crawford posters, Al Gore’s contemplative face, and even Thai royal tributes. It’s visual dynamite that keeps the atmosphere pulsing with energy.

The vibes truly are immaculate, in part because of the boisterous community atmosphere this LA hotspot fosters. Breaking sticky rice and unwrapping tamales isn't a solitary endeavor.

One minute, you're chatting with a Silver Lake hipster, and the next, you're discussing art with a visitor from Italy. This is where cuisine meets culture, darlings, in all the ways.

Specialties You Won't Want To Miss

Hold onto your forks, darlings, because the Night + Market Song specialties are next-level divine. Let's get real: larb isn't just meat and herbs here. It's a veritable opera of flavors and textures, sending your palate into a rhapsody of gastronomic pleasure. Then there's yam jiin gai — think of it as your gateway to undiscovered Thai wonders, an elixir of culinary mystique that'll leave you wanting more.

Dare to be daring? For those craving a foray into the audacious, items like beef bile and fermented pork await, gleaming from the menu like hidden treasures.

But let's not dismiss the classics. Nam khao tod and khao soi offer comfort for those less adventurous but equally hungry souls. Trust us, you haven't experienced khao soi or nam khao tod quite like this — it's comfort food redefined.

If you're worried about securing a spot at this culinary haven, fret not! Just strut your fabulous self down to 3322 W Sunset Blvd and be prepared to embark on an epicurean journey unlike any other. First come, first served is the name of the game here, so when the craving hits, don't hesitate. Get ready to unleash your inner foodie and devour the extraordinary.

Heat Factor

So, let's address the chili pepper in the room, shall we? Spiciness.

At Night + Market Song, they've fine-tuned the art of spiciness to a point where it dances gracefully with other flavors instead of bulldozing them. The trick lies in balancing the heat.

Pair that spicy burst with the luscious grease and fulfilling crunch of a fried chicken sandwich. Or perhaps temper it with the comforting richness of pad see ew. It's about taking your palate on a journey to experience every area of flavor these delicious dishes have to offer without causing you to sweat and strain.

Whether you love spice or you’re worried about burning your taste buds off because you’re a sensitive little lamb, you don’t have to worry. Night + Market Song has well and truly mastered the balance of enhancing flavor with heat without overwhelming.

Sweet & Drinks

If you think dessert is an afterthought, you're in for a treat. At Night + Market Song, they elevate the humblest of ingredients into something worthy of a runway. You won’t find over-the-top dessert theatrics. It's all about simple ingredients transformed into something splendid.

And what about drinks, you ask? Move past the Thai iced tea — although it’s always a good idea — and explore the labyrinthine wine list curated with as much love as the menu. Natural wines, street-food cocktails, and even a nod to Italian vino — it's all there and waiting to be imbibed to maximize your vibes.

Thai-ing Up Loose Ends

By the time you've scooped up the last remnants of khao soi or fried rice, you'll realize that Night + Market Song is more than just a restaurant. It's an experience, a journey through a culture deeply rooted in both Asian and American gastronomy.

You don't have to book a flight or navigate through bustling Bangkok streets to get there. Just make your way to 3322 W Sunset Blvd and prepare to be transported.

This culinary enclave invites you to broaden your horizons, offering a kaleidoscope of flavors that tantalize your taste buds and leave you yearning for more.


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