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Dive into the culinary paradise of Nobu Beach Club Dubai. From luxe day beds to exotic menus, find out what makes this spot a Palm Jumeirah gem.

Grab your oversized sunglasses and finest Gucci flip-flops because Nobu Beach Club in Dubai is where you want to be. We're talking next-level luxury here, darling.

So, you love sushi, you live for the beach, and you adore a spot of indulgence? Fantastic! Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa will work to impress you around the world, including with his Nobu Dubai By the Beach.

He masterminds the culinary experience, blending Japanese finesse with Peruvian flair. So, sip that lychee martini and get ready to be wowed because Nobu Beach Club is the epitome of upscale oceanfront dining.

Why Dubai?

Honey, if you're scratching your couture-clad head and wondering why Nobu chose Dubai for this beachfront extravaganza, you're missing the point entirely. First, let's catch up on some basics.

Yes, Dubai sits on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates and shares borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia — yada yada. Got it? Great, let's move on.

Now, why did the culinary genius Nobu Matsuhisa choose Dubai? Simple: because the city is a shimmering oasis of excess, sophistication, and, let's face it, big wallets. Where else can you dine in the shadow of the tallest building in the world or shop till you drop in a mall that makes Rodeo Drive look like a thrift store?

From oil magnates to influencers, the city reels in a crowd that knows what's what and who's who. Okay, that’s the end of the geography lesson. Let’s talk about the restaurant!

Nobu Beach Club isn't merely a restaurant. It's the playground of the global glitterati, and where better to place it than in a city that practically invented the word luxury? We're talking private cabanas, the freshest ceviche this side of Lima, and an ocean view that's so Instagram-worthy you won't even need a filter.

What Makes Nobu by the Beach Different?

Nobu by the Beach in Dubai is like the VIP lounge of the Nobu world. Situated in Atlantis The Royal, this beach club is a whole universe away from your standard Nobu Restaurant. If you thought Nobu New York or Nobu London was the height of sophistication, you haven’t seen anything yet.

From the air-conditioned cabanas to private plunge pools, Nobu’s debut pool area knows how to bring that extra touch. Located on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, you've got lagoon pools that could rival the luxuries of Monte Carlo.

Oh, and if you're a Robert De Niro fan, yes, darling, he's one of the brains behind Nobu, and this place serves sophistication like he serves a monologue.

The setting on The Palm takes advantage of that pristine beach, with day beds to lounge like you’re in some haven of indulgent relaxation. Japanese and Peruvian culinary elements get an Emirati twist, served with a side of live DJ deep house vibes.

Poolside brunch, anyone? Your Instagram will be overflowing, especially with options like floating food platters, divine ceviche, and live robatayaki counters, adding flair to the experience.

Admittedly, our bestie Kim Kardashian has eaten here. (And she has good taste!) Other famous faces who have dined here include David Beckham. Many celebs own homes in Dubai, so other stars you may see include Brad Pitt, Lindsay Lohan, and Madonna.

Remember when we said this place was luxurious? We meant it. It’s a massive and ornate restaurant with breathtaking views of the Dubai Marina skyline. Basically, you’re coming here if you’re wealthy and want to impress someone.

On his end, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa (typically known as just “Nobu”) has 50 restaurants and 13 hotels around the globe. So even if you’re a wealthy movie star, he’ll work to impress YOU, just as we said in the beginning.

But it isn’t just the atmosphere that makes this Nobu location a different experience. Welcome to the wonderful world of fusion cuisine. (This is where you combine two types of food from different cultures to create something new.) For Nobu Dubai By the Beach, Japanese and Arabian ingredients join together.

And they do it very well in this luxurious restaurant.

All About the Food

Prepare to have your culinary compass reoriented because Nobu Dubai's menu is an epicurean wonderland that demands your full gastronomic attention. We're diving straight into the Omakase options, multi-course tasting menus designed to offer you the absolute pinnacle of what Nobu has to offer.

Your choices range from the Signature to the extravagant Dubai-exclusive selection. Either way, it’s a first-class ticket to Flavortown.

This particular location is known for its white asparagus mutabal and Moroccan shrimp tangine. There’s also the sea bass with dashi ponzu or wagyu gyoza with foie gras. And Chef Matsuhisa is known for his soy-slicked cod. You’ll also find sushi, tacos, kushiyaki, nigiri, and sashimi.

Commence your palate's journey with Caviar Potato Wasabi. This bite-sized spectacle instantly commands your senses. For something grilled, opt for the Grilled Langoustine Chili Shiso Salsa. Each piece is like an edible jewel, grilled to perfection. If you're hankering for a crunch, the Crispy Rice adorned with choices like Spicy Tuna, Yellowtail, King Crab, or Salmon should be your go-to.

Venture onward with Tai Sashimi Dry Miso, a transcendent taste of oceanic delight, or perhaps the Seared Salmon Karashi Su Miso for an instant escape to Tokyo’s finest eateries. The Chu Toro Tataki Kinome Miso, bursting with flavors as elaborate as its name, is an unmissable experience.

Let’s not forget the hot dishes that beckon from their own sumptuous category. The iconic Black Cod Miso needs no introduction. It’s joined by a scintillating Sea Bass with Jalapeno Dressing that seems to applaud your taste buds with each bite.

And oh, the Wagyu! Japanese Wagyu Beef graces the menu in multiple stylings, from New Style to Tataki to Tacos. Each variation is a culinary masterpiece, offering a beef experience that could almost be considered spiritual. If you’re craving more, don’t shy away from the more lavish options of Yakimono, Flambe, Ishiyaki, or Toban Yaki.

As the journey nears its end, the desserts loom, each a masterpiece of sugary craftsmanship. Whether it's Mochi Ice Cream, Chocolate Matcha Ice Cream Cake, or the audaciously adventurous Exotic Chawan Mushi, your sweet tooth will find its soulmate here.

What Should I Drink at Nobu?

Beyond its exotic food offerings, the cocktail menu at Nobu Dubai is a kaleidoscopic journey through intoxicating flavors. The Matsuhisa Martini stands as a classic yet innovative blend. Infused with Hokusetsu Sake, Kyuri Japanese Cucumber, and ginger, it captures the essence of Chef Nobu's Japanese-Peruvian fusion.

The Thai Mandarin Martini dances on your palate, bursting with a tropical melange of lychee, Thai lime, and passion fruit, rounded off with a hint of vanilla.

If your tastes veer toward the inventive, the Flying Fish astounds with a daring mix of 818 Blanco tequila, grapefruit, clarified lychee cordial, pepper, seawater, and soda. Equally captivating is Bincho, another 818 Blanco-based wonder mingling with roasted pineapple, pandan, cacao, and a splash of citrus and seawater.

And for something a little different, the Rooster Punch offers an inviting blend of Bacardi 8 and Bumbu rums with coffee, pineapple, and coconut milk, crowned by a smoky finish from Vida Mezcal.

The Colado Daiquiri injects new life into a classic, featuring Bacardi Superior rum and Frangelico with coconut, cola, and a zesty touch of citrus. Asian Storm, made with Monkey Shoulder whiskey, delights with a base of fino sherry and pandan, topped with a refreshing pour of ginger beer. Sensai takes you on a sensory journey, uniting Tanqueray gin and sake with unique floral flavors.

Nobu Dubai's cocktail menu is not just a mere side note to the epicurean feast but a standalone attraction, each drink designed to enrapture your senses just as much as the food. Whether you're after something classic or craving a creation that pushes the envelope, you'll find it here, handcrafted to perfection.

Palm Dreams and Final Scenes

In the heart of Palm Jumeirah, at Atlantis The Royal, Nobu Dubai serves as a sanctuary of culinary artistry, seamlessly merging Japanese and Peruvian influences with local flair. Here, renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, with a little help from his Chef de Cuisine, has crafted an extraordinary venue that goes beyond mere dining. It's an opulent celebration of food set against the backdrop of luxurious day beds, private plunge pools, and an enigmatic live DJ serenading you poolside.

Even the Nobu Beach Club’s brunch, replete with floating food and live robatayaki counters, acts as a spectacle in itself. The experience culminates under the soft glow of the UAE sky as the resident DJ segues into an immersive deep house set, encapsulating a quintessentially Nobu Dubai ambiance.

So, if you find yourself in Dubai, we recommend giving Nobu a try. And if you see Kim, be sure to tell her we said hello! (Just kidding, don’t do that. Let the women eat in peace!)


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