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Dive into Chicago's culinary scene with Girl & The Goat in West Loop. Explore unique flavors and dishes for a dining experience you won't forget.

Today, we're taking a delectable detour to Chicago's West Loop and into the realm of culinary enchantment, where Girl & The Goat reigns supreme. The restaurant has been setting the gastronomic scene ablaze in this vibrant district since its inception in 2010.

This one’s in a league of its own. Girl & The Goat offers an unforgettably unique dining experience, with a menu that elevates your dining experience and will totally blow your mind with its creative cuisine. Add that to the top-notch service, and, sweetie, you've got yourself a Chicago institution worth visiting.

Let’s talk in-depth about why this needs to be your next booking!

Ambiance in the Air

Darling, if the ambiance at Girl & The Goat were a person, it'd be that too-cool-for-school friend who gets invited to every soirée but never seems to try too hard. You walk in and immediately find yourself embraced by dim yet warm lighting that casts a cozy glow.

The walls are adorned with eclectic art that’ll make you feel as if you've strolled into a gallery opening — sans the pretentiousness. But let's chat about the crowd.

They’re as diverse as the menu, and they all have one thing in common: an appreciation for superb cuisine. The air pulsates with chatter, laughter, and the clinking of utensils against plates.

You could be in for a casual night out with friends, or when you’re planning to pop the question — either way, the setting feels right. It’s American cuisine, but not as you know it. Chef Stephanie Izard has brought in influences from around the world, creating a vibe that marries rustic simplicity with urban sophistication.

Leave the gingham tablecloths and kitschy mason jar vases behind. Girl & The Goat's ambiance is where rustic sophistication meets industrial chic, the trendy West Loop crowd converges, and where you'll want to be for an experience that redefines dining.

Stephanie Izard: The Chef Behind the Masterpiece

If you’re wondering what makes Girl & The Goat tick, look no further than Stephanie Izard. Starting her journey as the undeniable firecracker on Top Chef, she didn’t just rest on her laurels after her win. Oh no, she fanned those flames into a blazing career, creating an empire that now spans from Chicago to Los Angeles and even New York.

So, what’s the secret ingredient in her recipe for success? It starts with her laser focus on green and local.

She partners with local Illinois farmers to give you food that’s divine and responsible. Her restaurants, including the renowned Little Goat Diner, have all followed suit, making green the new gold standard.

Chef Stephanie Izard is serving you a sustainable revolution, one delicious dish at a time. And if you find yourself in the Arts District of Los Angeles or taking a bite of the Big Apple in New York, you’ll find that same commitment echoing in her establishments there, too.

So here's the takeaway: when you step into Girl & The Goat, you're stepping into a world meticulously designed by a culinary titan who loves her food, her community, and the planet. A triple threat, and we're here for it!

The Crazy Diverse Menu

Girl & the Goat is a culinary United Nations. The menu pays homage to a global palette while staying firmly planted in Chicago's West Loop.

Delight in olive garlic focaccia that's baked to perfection and served with whipped feta and pickle relish. Yes, it's that good. Opt for the naan, and you're awarded a plateful complete with tahini tofu and tzatziki dips. Talk about being spoiled for choice.

On the greener side of things, chickpea fritters and sautéed green beans rule the menu. The fritters, crisped to golden-brown greatness, are accompanied by goat yogurt and a dash of green chutney. Those green beans? They're sautéed and come with a fish sauce vinaigrette and a smattering of cashews.

Fishy Business

Pescatarians, take note: Girl & the Goat doesn't play around. Raw oysters come adorned with watermelon radish mignonette, ponzu, and horseradish — each bite is a discovery. Venturing further into the sea, the hamachi crudo showcases an inspired blend of soy chili vinaigrette, pickled apples, trout roe, and tempura furikake.

Beyond the raw delights, options like pan-roasted halibut or wood-fired whole branzino promise layers of complexity, all thanks to sauces and accompaniments that elevate rather than overpower.

Meaty Affairs

Carnivores, your dreams are about to come true. Take a bite of the crispy spiced pork belly, and you'll see why. Mixed melons, a serrano cilantro drizzle, and pickled shallots harmonize for an unforgettable experience.

Then there's the grilled prime skirt steak, a carnivore's dream, served with Sichuan peanut sauce, pickled cucumbers, and pickled fresnos. And if you’re in it for the piglet, if you haven't ordered the roasted pig face or sticky glazed pork shank, a trip back is mandatory.

Get That Girl’s Goat

Brace yourselves because this is where Girl & The Goat really turns heads. You may have tried chicken in a million ways and had your share of beef, but how often do you get to say you've dined on goat belly?

It's not just served any which way — it's braised to perfection in a tasty broth and given a bit of crunch with pecan and quinoa crumble that you’ll be begging for a recipe to make at home. Add some fresh strawberries, and your mind will be blown. Pair it with some naan, and you'll forget you're in Chicago, not some far-flung culinary mecca.

But that's just the start. You can savor the goat liver mousse, a delectable spread that pushes foie gras off its high horse. Chef Stephanie Izard has perfected the art of transforming what many consider a challenging ingredient into a star player. This dish is served with crumpets, pickles, peach mostarda, and a startlingly addictive golden beet giardiniera — it elevates the charcuterie game to new heights.

The goat empanadas, bursting with robust flavors, offer a unique twist on a classic dish. Plated with a spicy corn salad and bolstered by a limey herb drizzle and queso fresco, it’s a dish you’ll order again. And again and again.

Trust us, these goat-centric plates are not just for culinary thrill-seekers. They're for anyone interested in tasting inventive, meticulously prepared food that bursts with unique flavor. Consider this your palate's VIP ticket to a culinary adventure that's both sophisticated and audacious. No wonder this spot stands out in a city bursting with top-tier restaurants!

Cocktails That Go Beyond the Basics

Let's talk libations because Girl & The Goat has your thirst covered and then some. From the cleverly named Goat Fashioned to the unforgettable Kind of a Big Dill, these cocktails showcase an understanding of balance, flavor, and a little pizzazz that you won't find in just any watering hole.

And get this — they're whipping up house-made syrups and mixers to elevate these liquid works of art even further.

The bar is stocked with a curated selection of spirits, offering you the ideal base for an ever-changing array of concoctions that reflect the seasons, current trends, and even a touch of nostalgia for classic mixes. Add a splash of locally sourced ingredients, and you've got a drinking experience that turns every sip into a conversation starter.

Even the cocktail presentation is on point — you'll find yourself torn between diving right in and capturing the perfect Instagram shot. In a dining scene awash in Michelin stars and "Best Of" lists, Girl & The Goat's cocktail game is one more feather in Stephanie Izard's cap, a welcome addition to the full dining experience.

Culinary Coda: Desserts

Think of it as a show-stopping finale at a Broadway musical — grand, fulfilling, and leaving you wanting to give a standing ovation. But let's get down to the mouthwatering details, shall we?

Take the blueberry shortcake. This is no pedestrian shortcake. It's dressed to impress with a marcona almond crunch that lends an unexpected but entirely welcome textural contrast. And blueberries are incorporated in a way that elevates the dish from a home-grown favorite.

The chocolate olive oil cake offers a tantalizing journey through flavor town with its accompanying lavender semifreddo. If you're the kind who thinks lavender should only be in sachets or essential oils, prepare to have your mind changed. Its floral notes provide an elegant counterpoint to the rich chocolate, transforming this dish into a sophisticated play of tastes and textures.

This Girl Is the G.O.A.T.

And that’s basically the full download on what makes Girl & The Goat a shining star in Chicago's vibrant culinary tapestry. With good service and a willingness to accept walk-ins and credit cards, it's no wonder this place scores high with diners of all stripes (not to mention its claim to a Bib Gourmand) and has even expanded to Los Angeles' Arts District and New York.

Whether it's a family-style dinner or a night out with someone special, you won't regret a visit. Doll up or dress down, and make your way to Girl & The Goat. Because, darling — really. Life's too short for subpar dining experiences.


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