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Join me on an epicurean adventure through Olympia Provisions in Portland, where they're redefining American charcuterie with a heartwarming mission. Explore their multiple locations and indulge in European-inspired cuisine, including mouthwatering charcuterie boards, Alpine-inspired delights, cozy Italian feasts, and more.

I've got a sizzling recommendation for all you foodies out there. I embarked on a culinary journey through Olympia Provisions in Portland, and let me tell you, it's nothing short of a charcuterie extravaganza. With their unique mission, European-inspired cuisine, and multiple locations, you're in for a gastronomic treat that you won't soon forget. Join me as I take you through this amazing experience, complete with their mouthwatering menu highlights.

Redefining American Charcuterie

Before we dive into the delectable dishes, let's talk about Olympia Provisions' noble mission. For five years, they've been redefining American charcuterie by developing a Pacific Northwest, small family Farmer Network to consistently source regenerative, humanely-raised pork.

They're all about a "whole animal" approach to pig farming and even make pet treats from the parts humans don't fancy but dogs adore. Now, they're on a quest to decentralize pork production and build partnerships that enhance communities and ecosystems. Talk about an extraordinary culinary journey with a heart!

Gourmet Hotspots: A Culinary Tour of Olympia Provisions

Olympia Provisions boasts multiple locations, each with its own unique charm and offerings.

Olympia Provisions Southeast

Tucked into a beautifully restored industrial building, this spot is perfect for weekend brunch, midweek lunch, and a laid-back aperitivo happy hour. But what really steals the show here are their charcuterie boards.

I couldn't resist the chef's choice selection of five meats with pickled vegetables and grain mustard. Trust me; it's a carnivore's dream come true! Their steak tartare and eggs Benedict also deserve a shoutout.

Public House

If you're craving an Alpine-inspired experience, Public House is the place to be. You can fulfill your meaty dreams on their expansive patio with cocktails, beer, natural wine, and fine food inspired by life aprés ski.

Be sure to order the Op Wurst; it's a flavor explosion.

Bar Casa Vale

This cozy, wood-fired, Spanish-inspired restaurant celebrates the bounty of the Pacific Northwest through the lens of tapas bars in Barcelona, sherry bodegas in Jerez, and pintxo crawls through San Sebastian.

You won't want to miss their delightful Spanish-inspired tapas, and the wine list is to die for.

Grand Amari

Nestled in the historic Hotel Grand Stark, Grand Amari is an unapologetically traditional Italian restaurant. The ambiance and the pasta are both simply divine.

Little Bitter Bar

This spot in the Hotel Grand Stark lobby serves up Italian-inspired spritzes, antipasti, pizza, and world-class cocktails with a heavy amaro emphasis. It's perfect for winding down and sipping on some exquisite drinks.

Background: A Dash of Greek Flavor

The story behind Olympia Provisions is as interesting as its menu. The owner's dad brought his entrepreneurial spirit from a tiny Greek village in the mountains to America. Growing up, the family was immersed in farming, food preservation, and hospitality, and they ran two Greek diners. You know they're truly Greek when they once got called to the principal's office for smelling too much like garlic. That's seriously Greek, right?

The owner's culinary journey took a twist when he moved to Switzerland and trained under master chef Annegret Schlumpf, learning the art of charcuterie and meat making. Fearful of returning to the U.S., his sister encouraged him to visit Portland, and that's where the Olympia Provisions dream took shape.

Today, the whole family is involved in the business, working together to maintain their commitment to quality and revolutionize the industry through regenerative agriculture.

Subscriptions: Elevate Your Meat Game

But wait, there's more! Olympia Provisions offers exclusive subscriptions, including the Salami of the Month Club and The Charcuterie Club. With these subscriptions, you can elevate your meat dishes, boards, and tastings to a whole new level. It's like a monthly charcuterie party delivered right to your doorstep.

Handcrafted Meats & Charcuterie | Olympia Provisions

In conclusion, Olympia Provisions is not just a restaurant; it's a culinary movement. From their mission to their diverse locations and delicious menu offerings, they've truly redefined American charcuterie. So, if you're ever in Portland and craving some world-class charcuterie, Olympia Provisions is the place to be. Trust me, you won't regret it. Bon appétit! 🍽️🍷🥂


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